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Indian academia is either too influenced by the West or it is too callous to let the influence enter. This is the general assumption that West has about India and, undoubtedly, this is wrong. Yes, it’s true that other than the eminent intellectuals and literati, other ones don’t generally engage on public platforms; and this is, because, there are not many options when it comes to literary platforms for the people to engage, express, share and voice their opinions. There are few and those are, unfortunately, only for the elites in the academic world. So, where will the ‘common’ literary enthusiasts go to discuss their opinions, seek answers to their questions and exchange various ideas? There is one place which has recently been launched – Literature Forum! The ‘common’ and the ‘elites’, all can register themselves free of cost on this platform and start exchanging ideas. Please visit – English Literature Forum. (opens in new tab)

How did it come into existence?
The forum or the discussion board was being planned for a long period. After a thorough study of the online portals and analysing the requirements of the students and academicians, the team thought about this idea. The forum has been launched by the Ashvamegh Magazine’s team and this is also free, like the magazine itself. Open access, open registration and open discussion without any barrier. The forum has been launched for the public registration on September 5.

Who can use the forum?
This discussion forum can be used by the students of English literature for various academic and general purposes. They can ask questions. They can engage in discussions. They can share their ideas and express their opinions on various aspects related to the English literature on the forum. The teachers and professors can use this forum to help the students and also participate in scholarly discussions. It can also be used by the creative writers and general lovers to literature for various purposes. Literary enthusiasts can use this forum to enjoy engaging with the like-minded people from different parts of the world.

What’s the future?
Talking of the project, Alok Mishra, the founder of English Literature Forum, said, “I am enthusiastic and hopeful because I know how much a student needs ‘peers’ to develop an idea about a certain theory, literary piece and anything related to literature.” He further told that this will prove to be a milestone for the Indian students and academicians of English literature. “I am always very eager to establish an Indian narrative in the context of English literature and this is an attempt in the same direction. It will further improve and I am planning to launch more platforms for the Indian intelligentsia to engage and to share.”

Platforms like this will certainly help the students improve and excel in their academic as well as the intellectual field. If you are also a literary enthusiast, you can register yourself by visiting the website of the Forum. All the best!

The piece has been written by Puja for the academic desk, Literature News.