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English Literature Forum, an online discussion platform that came into existence in 2018, has once again revived its discussion threads and users are actively participating in them as well. We received a communication from the team at the discussion platform that they have revived the older threads as well as created new boards for more interesting discussions and users are also responding in a very energetic manner. In this article, we will be discussing the new discussion boards briefly and also telling the readers how can they join ELF and participate in many ongoing conversations about various perspectives of literature.

The moderators have also included some funny threads that will keep the readers, enthusiasts and participants entertained. For example – threads such as what’s your favourite character from the novels you read, which novels would you like to read, again and again, maybe… these discussion boards will allow the participants a break from the serious aspects of literature they might be discussing. Feminism, deconstruction and many other literary theories are on the board for discussion. Likewise, English literature in England, in India, in other countries and in different timelines are also on the board for discussion.

The whole concept of English literature form was to enable the students, scholars, teachers, professors and enthusiasts to come together in a virtual world and discuss, debate, ask, answer, guide and conjecture on various issues related to English literature. The platform has been doing the same since 2018 and it has revived its discussion boards recently. If you are a student of English literature, BA, MA or PhD, you can be a part of the platform and register yourself today. You will be able to post your opinions, answers and also raise questions that you might have. The board has a panel of experts who will be doing their bit once someone asks some questions.

The platform is fully Indian and that’s why you can see many Indian users active on the board. Students to teachers, research scholars to professors, engineers to officers… anyone who is interested in English literature can easily be a part of the group and enjoy many things – meeting new people with the same interest, engaging with users with higher qualifications, discussing with professors and research scholars and so on…

Here are the links to the boards that you can enjoy reading and if you wish, you can also register yourself and enjoy by participating in the same:

Your favourite fictional character in novels – discuss
Novels you would like to read a second time (and more) – discuss
Best options for a career after English literature degree – discuss


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