Book Gifting Ideas for your loved ones and friends – gift books they will love!

Book Gifting Ideas for your loved ones and friends – gift books they will love!

Gifts are always welcome! Anyone receiving gifts finds oneself joyful, feeling special and also getting motivated to do the best – in various fields of life. You can gift your son, daughter, wife, father, mother, grandparents, friends, special ones, lovers, best friends, teachers, boss, employee… anyone you wish! Well, gifting can be a crucial strategy to get the best out of your counterpart (in any walk of life). How about gifting books? Is it useful? Can books match costly gifts? Well, if it comes to cost, books are not only valuable but carry more worth than the priciest jewels. Scholars, intellectuals, Gurus, spiritual teachers, mentors, successful persons and many other landmark figures in different fields have spoken about the importance of books in their lives. A book is your friend for life; you may have heard this over and over in your life. Time to walk the talk, my friends! In this article, we will discuss how books can be useful gifts for anyone in any age bracket. And we will also discuss the best ideas for choosing the best books to gift to different people. Let’s go!

First of all, gifting books can be a great idea, as it allows the recipient to explore new ideas and gain new knowledge. A book can always be a thoughtful and personal gift. It tells the person receiving the gift that you have put thought into their interests and hobbies. As a cardinal rule, however, it’s always best to make sure that you know about the choices, requirements and reading habits of the person you are gifting. If you can play it right, they’re more likely to enjoy and appreciate it.

Gifting books to children:

Children come first! Do anything, we have to keep in mind their preferences, choices, needs and moods. When gifting books to children, start the process by considering their age and standard of reading. For very young children, board books with simple pictures and text are a great option. Make sure you get something built to last; children are not very careful with things in their hands. Waterproof, safe even if they put it in their mouths, not very sharp at the edges so that it may not hurt children, and also full of colourful graphics and information… and you are done!

For older children, still, picture books will do the job. However, these books may come with more complex stories and illustrations. As children age, their capacity to grasp and understand things get better, deep and broader. So, they can process the messages by looking at complex illustrations and also understand text that comes loaded with more than one stream of information. For example, the race between the hare and the tortoise. So, find something funny and yet with moral lessons. They will love it.

For older children and teenagers, things become a little easier. At times, chapter books and young adult novels may do the job for you. Teenagers will certainly love these things. Well, it is also the time when parents, friends, best friends, or anyone who wants to gift books to teenagers and older children need to take care of their preferences and choices. If they like to study more than usual, books about different parts of the world, the animal kingdom, Antarctica, or anything that brings special knowledge may be useful. If they are into any special activity like singing, dancing, poetry, sports or anything, you can bring books that help them understand their field better.

Books for working people:

As we get older and leave a load of school and college bags behind, things get even messier. 9 to 5 or 10 to 6 or even 20 to 4 in the morning, work does get the better of us at times. We may certainly enjoy reading books after those hectic, pressing and consuming hours of work. Without a doubt, books can make a great gift for working people, as they can provide what they want – inspiration, knowledge, and a way to relax and unwind after a long day or night at work. I think these are the genres working people may prefer:

  1. Business and leadership books: Something the future CEOs, MDs, and entrepreneurs always love to read! These books can provide valuable insights and strategies for professional development and career advancement. Gift a leadership book to your workaholic friend or your ambitious beloved, you will be thanked!
  2. Self-help and personal development books: Who does not want to nourish oneself with intellect and wisdom that proved to be helpful for centuries? Motivational and personal enhancement books are always a great way to relax, give oneself some time and come out afresh! These can help working people improve their productivity, time management, and overall well-being.
  3. Fiction: Who does not want to read something hair-raising after a day’s work? Or something romantic? Any genre may be a favourite to anyone after office hours. Give your friends and loved ones a few hours of delight by gifting them the novels they might love reading. Novels can be a great way to help office goers and working people relax and escape from the stress of their daily lives.
  4. Biographies and memoirs: Who does not want a few words of motivation? Who does not want to learn from the lives of those who have become legends? Biographies and memoirs are great ways to learn from the best in various fields of life. Such books can often provide inspiration and a sense of perspective on the lives and careers of successful individuals.
  5. Cookbooks: Well, it might raise a few eyebrows! However, I am not suggesting such books to any particular community. Cooking has become popular across gender. Men and women love to cook and even I enjoy it. I thought such books can help someone relax and try something new to beat the heat of an ongoing complex project or the pressure of getting a new contract executed. These can be a great gift for foodies and busy people who love to cook but are short on time.

And the rule of thumb always goes with any enthusiastic suggestion. Always consider the choices and preferences of the person you’re gifting books.


Book gifting ideas for elderly people:

As we age and eventually reach the doors of decay, life becomes very different. The way of looking at things becomes different, feuds and foes seem useless and friends and their friendships often inspire, delight and please. In those days of ageing wisdom, many elderly people love to read books to further enhance their perspective on life and things related to life. And therefore, books can be a great gift for elderly people! They can provide entertainment, education, and also a link to the current world, a way to stay engaged with the world. Some popular genres for elderly people include:

  1. Memoirs and biographies: As mentioned in the section above, memoirs and biographies are great genres to read because of many reasons. These books can provide a sense of perspective on the lives and experiences of older people and can be a great way for them to reminisce about their own lives.
  2. Classic literature: Those who come from literary backgrounds must know the importance of classics and the joys they can bring to readers. Often, many older people appreciate the timeless stories and themes found in classic novels. You can win their hearts by offering a bundle of Austen, a set of Hardy, a collection of Victorian fiction or a set of classic Indian English novels. You can also gift them the age-old classics from the corpus of Hindu literature (in simplified and translated versions as Sanskrit might not be ideal for everyone).
  3. Non-fiction books on history and current affairs: Someone’s father may take interest in politics. Someone’s mother may be interested in the latest technical advancements. Someone’s uncle might enjoy learning about discoveries in the field of medical science. Non-fiction books can help keep older people informed and engaged with the world around them.
  4. Large print books and audiobooks: For those who have grown very old and cannot spend time reading a book for hours, large print books and audiobooks can be a great help! These can be easier for older people to read, especially if they have vision problems. Listening to quality audiobooks can also be a pleasant experience for most elderly people.

It’s also a good idea to consider the person you’re gifting, their interests and hobbies before choosing a book, as they are more likely to appreciate a book that aligns with their hobbies and interests.


That was it for today, friends! Next time you are in a situation when you have to choose gifts for your relatives, friends or anyone, think about gifting books instead of things that can only please for their price tag and not beyond that. A book worth 200 RS may be far more valuable than a showpiece worth 20 thousand. All the best!


By Ashish for Literature News


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  • Wonderfully written… I would love to have books as gifts and also offer it to my friends. Nice ideas. Shared this article with my friends so that they know I love books… 🙂

  • That’s a wonderful post I enjoyed reading… I must say that the idea behind gifting books to someone we love is amazing. It shows too much… rather than just that we want to see them happy!