Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ – Book Review

Academic research writing artistry by Srujan MJ book review literature news

Srujan MJ is an engineer by profession and an academic researcher working on Structural Polymer Connections. As he gathered information about research and its aspects, he wrote a book to share this knowledge with fellow researchers – Academic Research Writing Artistry. The book has three parts. Part one deals with the basics of research – formulating, collecting data, writing proposals, progress reports, and the research itself. The first part explains these essential aspects of research to the readers. The second part deals with important components of research – introduction, literature review, results, conclusions, references, methodologies, apparatus, tools, bibliography, and many others. In short, the second part contains many important and complex things about academic research. I am sure research scholars will find this part of the book very useful. The third part contains important details about formatting a research script.

Coming to the book as a whole, Srujan has made sure the book remains useful to anyone interested in academic research. Whether a person is already enrolled in PhD or new to it, the book will be helpful in both cases. The language is simple and direct and comes with clarity. This is unique because many books on this topic often complicate the topics instead of making them accessible to newcomers in the perplexing world of academic research. The author certainly deserves an appreciation for keeping his writing simple, accessible and very precise without much academic jargon. Readers will get what they want to know about research.

The author has cared for little things that often confuse the researchers the most. How to write a research proposal? How to prepare a research synopsis? How to write the abstract of the research? When and how to write the introduction to the research? What should be the ideal format of a research declaration? And many other simple but vital parts of research have been discussed in a precise, direct, and impressive manner by the author of this book. I am sure readers will learn by reading those chapters.

Academic Research Writing Artistry contains many things that will help those who are pursuing PhD in science subjects. However, it is always wise to learn about diagrams, tools, apparatus, methodologies, and illustrations. Though a little more discussion for those who often work within the descriptive domains of research might have been helpful for students coming from literature or humanities backgrounds. Nevertheless, the book contains many things for them as well. Not denying that! In short, this book by Srujan MJ makes research very easy for newcomers as well as those who are hanging in there but cannot move in any definitive direction. The author has taken care of things so small and also that of grave importance. How to properly format your references? How to list items in a table? How to list items generally? How to write the proposal? And how to write the research itself? How to complete a proper literature review? Anything and everything about the research process is there in the book!

This book is a welcome addition to the already existing world of books on research. However, this book certainly comes with many distinctions. Written by an Indian author, this book accommodates Indian research scholars very well. In India, in many universities, coursework is only there for a degree and formal entry into the program. This book by Srujan will cover those lapses and shortcomings that students have to suffer because their professors don’t take much interest in illustrating these things when needed. If you are a research scholar wanting to learn more about research, you will be the ideal reader of this book!

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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ – Book Review
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Academic Research Writing Artistry by Srujan MJ is an ideal book with information about research.