Literature to be taught to Medical Students

Literature to be included in medical syllabus

Is literature study limited to the students of literature only? How good or bad would it be if the students of engineering or the students of management or the students or medical science are told to study literature? It might sound out of the box idea but it has already been implemented at one more institution recently. The students at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, Pennsylvania, will also study poetry, fiction, and do various other activities which will inspire them to write their reflections.

In further activities, the students will form groups and participate in discussions on literary topics, on some poets or some authors. They will also be inspired to visit museums and other places of importance.

And it is quite welcoming that the students are exposed to humanities other than the sciences they study in their syllabus. Many experts believe that the doctors who can take good care of their patients must be all-rounders, not just having good knowledge of medical sciences might suffice the purpose. And that is why in different countries, the students at medical colleges are inspired to learn literature because literature is the single course which can enable a person to experience growth in multi directions.

Studying literature helps a student strengthen the communication skills as well as helps grow the self-awareness and many other personal and social qualities. And who can ignore that a good communication skill and a better psychological understanding help the doctors a lot while interacting with their patients?

Likewise, a good book reading session can have life changing impacts on a reader, irrespective of his or her educational background. Many students from management and engineering and medical background have shared their experiences in this regard. Most of them believe that if they read good and standard fiction books, their observation and comprehension skills only better!

With time, it would not be surprising to witness that almost every faculty of study makes it a habit to include some of the highest rated fiction books in their syllabus. It’s indeed a welcoming sign!


story by an LN staff