Louise Glück wins Nobel Prize in Literature – 2020

Louise Glück wins Nobel Prize literature 2020

Well, so the Nobel Prize for literature had some unhealthy, unexpected and sleazy sex scandal in recent years. However, with everything settled in the ‘backstage’ without any soliloquy by any of the characters involved in this sordid scandal, The Nobel Prize for Literature quietly came back with a double-decker in 2019 and then continued its normal course thereafter. This year’s, 2020’s, Nobel Prize for Literature winner has been announced – Louise Glück, an American poet, well-known for her understanding of human emotions and also the lack of emotional quotient in it, most of the times.

Glück was born in New York in the year 1943 and she had a childhood surrounded with poetry. However, she could not complete formal education to the higher levels because of many reasons and could only enrol herself in poetry workshops at Columbia University.

Glück’s poems have been noted by the scholars and literary critics to have an emotional exhibition of rejection, loss, and failed causes; at the same time, she also displays, in her poetry, a strong reason to believe in positivity and explains desires of various kinds. And that is why the Swedish Academy has released a short presser explaining why they have chosen this poetess, who has been the Poet Laureate to the United States for the year 2003-04, as the winner for the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2020:

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020 was awarded to Louise Glück “for her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.”

Well, as the poetess has won the literature Nobel for this year, we are hopeful that the readers will show their excitement to read her poetry. Eventually, it will lead towards more attention to poetry which is needed, needed earnestly. Poets getting the Nobel for literature were frequent sights in the years when the likes of Eliot, Hughes, Auden, Yeats and others were active. It has certainly ceased to be so frequent but Lousie’s feat does have to inspire some flame in the poets. We wish her the best and also encourage the readers to find her poetry collections, which are in plenty, and read them to understand her poetry. We are also sure that her poetry collections should be picked for a quick review by many leading book review websites in India and otherwise.

Some of the poetry collections by Lousie Glück are:

Poems: (1962-2012) – This collection contains many of her famous poems.
The Seven Ages – This collection contains some of her most famous poems.

You can find all the books by this poet on Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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