Shortlist: DSC Prize for South-Asian Literature

The DSC Prize for South-Asian Literature has announced the shortlist of five novels for the prestigious honour. The announcement of the shortlisted novels came out in a literary event attended by many literature enthusiasts, writers and audience at the famous London School of Economics and Political Science on 27th of September. Ritu Menon, along with other jury members, has made the announcement.

Previously, the longlist for this prestigious award was announced in Delhi at a bookstore (Oxford). The shortlist has been received well by the anticipators as well as the participants and all-go-happy. According to the authority and the jury members, this shortlist contains the diversity of literature and also of the authors’ background. Here is the shortlist for the DSC Prize for South-Asian Literature:

• Anjali Joseph: The Living
• Anuk Arudpragasam: The Story of a Brief Marriage
• Aravind Adiga: Selection Day
• Karan Mahajan: The Association of Small Bombs
• Stephen Alter: In the Jungles of the Night

The fame-name that we see on the list is Aravind Adiga, the Booker winner from India. Karan Mahajan is another sensational novelist who has made it to the shortlist for this prestigious literary honour. He lives in the USA. Anuk Arudpragasam is from Srilanka and Anjali Joseph is a British-Indian author. Stephen Alter is an India-born American author who has been successful in making it to the shortlist for the DSC prize.

The winner of this award will be announced in November in Bangladesh during a literary festival. We will keep the track of the event and will let the readers know as it happens.

Editorial Insight: This kind of literary award is necessary for the writers. The awards don’t only help them economically but also give them the necessary name and fame that every artist aspires to have one day. Many young novelists have made it to the fame-list already and it must be inspiring for them. One more thing we will have to consider that these awards are not for the authors who are only writing for the commercial success. These awards are given to the authors who have something in them which keeps the literary spark alive for the readers who want to read serious and genuine literature.