Speculation: 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature Possible Winners!

The Swedish Academy is all set to reveal tomorrow who has been chosen as the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature! October 5th is the date when the world will have a new Nobel Laureate in literature and the web of speculation has already been on the peek. People interested in literature and also the very people from among the literary fraternity have been speculating on names who could be the potential prize winners. Since 1901, this honourary and ‘monetary beneficial’ prize has been bestowed on 113 writers from across the world. Once it came to India when Tagore won it and last year it went ‘controversially’ to a popular singer Bob Dylan. It’s also the last year’s selection of the winner which has created a sense of even greater dilemma in the literary fraternity when pondering over the possible contenders for Nobel Prize in Literature this year.

According to a report in The Guardian, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o is one of the possible contenders for this prestigious honour. His contribution to the world of literature is incredible and there is no doubt about the same. Nevertheless, we should also not forget that many greats from the past have already been denied the honour because of undisclosed reasons. On the list, we have Chinua Achebe, Graham Greene, W H Auden and several others. Not to forget, there also have been the authors who have rejected the award as well.

Well, the speculation will end tomorrow when we have the ‘brand new’ winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and then we will ponder over the winner and his or her selection for the same. Till then, we can only wait and watch what the Nobel Academy in Sweden has for us for tomorrow. Not only us, the whole literary fraternity and literary enthusiasts from the world are looking towards the calendar right now and waiting for the date to change and the winner to be announced!


by an LN contributor