Emirates Airlines Literature Festival in Dubai will start on March 1

This year’s event will mark the 10th anniversary of Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and it will start on 1st March and will continue 10 days thereafter. According to a news published on Arab News website, the director of the event has announced the dates and events which will take place in the Literature Festival organised by Emirates Airlines. Isobel Abulhoul, the director, claimed that the 10-day festival will host more than 180 authors who will come from countries more than 45. Whereas, the number of visitors is also expected to increase from the last year’s attendance of a little above 40,000.

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature of literature has become one among the top and reputed literary events in the UAE. It has also fetched a number of awards for the quality that it has maintained over the years in organising the event and hosting days and nights of literary and culture scenarios.

Quoting her words from the Arab News:

“I’ve been on the rollercoaster for the last 10 years and I’m still whizzing around at great speed. Organizing an event of this size, thinking about different languages, thinking about our audiences, is a very complex composition and so we have to break it into tiny, tiny bits. Organizing a live event is all about details.”

She also emphasised that literature is very important and integral part of any culture. Without literature, no culture can evolve and develop and be humanized. She also told various ways in which the event by Emirates Airlines is supporting the young and budding writers.

Many students from different parts of the UAE take part in the various events which are organised in the course of this literary event. The event will take place in Dubai and you can get more information on their website. If you are in Dubai, you can enjoy the event and if you are not in Dubai, you can surely book your tickets and attend it. Moreover, if you write or if you are interested in literature, events like this will surely make you happy!


by an LN contributor