Audiobooks are not for me – opinion

Audiobooks are not for me literature news

Audiobooks are on the rise. Is it true? Can we say that audiobooks are the new normal? Yet? Well, whatever the companies indulged in promotion of audiobooks say, the trend is indeed getting fuel. People are exploring the option of audible literature. There are big names busy in promoting audible literature. Big names in the writing industry are also getting their audiobooks released because they think this will be a new landmark – it can be. However, I am not writing this article for the readers who want to listen to it. I am writing this article, still, for the readers who will read it. I am not against the popularity of audiobooks; I am against the ill-effects that audiobooks bring with the ease of listening to literature.

For the occasions that you may define, audiobooks may be very good companions. For instance, lulling a child to sleep – let an audiobook tell the kid a fairytale. You want to relax – let an audiobook recite a poem to you. However, as the advertisement shows, can you listen to an audiobook while riding a bike? I am sure – not! Moreover, how long can one tolerate someone continuously speaking something in the ears? Reading a novel brings satisfaction because you can read, mark, re-read, understand the depth of word selections and do so many other things with a book. However, what will one do in the case of an audiobook? You cannot mark the words; you cannot mark the lines; you cannot re-read the text. There is, in fact, no text; there is just narration.

For the mind-lazy generation, this rise in the use of audiobooks is a further level deep into a world of ease or loath. Traditional authors, I believe, as well as traditional readers will still put their vote of trust in the books that are books – with paper that can be felt and text that can be interacted with. Audiobooks are still not my forte and will never be. I am not alone – I know. If you love audiobooks, you are welcome. If I almost hate audiobooks, you should welcome me as well.


Jitesh for Literature News, opinions desk