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Friendship day and literature

“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.”
The history of English literature has shown the prolific and versatile writers who have shown their wisdom to glorify friendship and somewhat cunnings too. The witty and sarcastic essays of Bacon to the novels of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy, there were uncountable examples available out there to give us a taste of friends and foe. Whether it is a classical fiction or modern one, whether Edward and Gaveston or Amir and Hassan,
the world is a dynamic platform to witness the taste of glory and defeat of friendship. Every action is attached to some destination or source of inspiration. Amidst all this, we do need someone who really cares for us, who mourns for us and who dignifies our glories and is always on our side. That’ t what a friend is required to do.

We have seen the bond of friendship between Edward and Gaveston, the mischevious friendship of Othello and Iago and many more. Literature always has shown both sides of friendship. Whether it is dark or bright that will lead to nowhere or to a good destination. The hardest thing in this world is to know which bridge is to cross and which to burn. Freinds act in the same way; if they are true, life becomes so easy and if they are not a good company, dullness takes the place. The cunning Brutus is known to the world. Ceaser who fought like a valiant and won the battles after battles, but the mischief Brutus betrayed him and left behind himself a black patch on the name of friendship. There is an indispensable need for loneliness… our soul also requires the brain to communicate with the heart and do some introspectional arguments. Nonetheless, it is pretty hard to survive in this world without any support from a true friend.

Bacon who brings the practical approach in English literature has written the best document on friendship. His essay is far beyond the imagination of a layman. The words that have been said by him at that time are true today as well. A great city has become a great solitude and we do think before making anyone our friend – whether the person is at the same standard as ourselves or not…

Literature has been a space where friendship has been celebrated to a great extent. Krishna-Sudama’s friendship; Ram-Sugriv friendship, Krishna-Arjuna friendship, Karna-Duryodhana friendship, and so many other examples are there in classical Indian literature as well. However, in the modern context, the world has changed the very shape of friendship in literature as well, so that it suits the modern narrative of mischief, cunningness, smartness and back-stabbing. A friend killing his or her friend for love (movies and hardly-a-novel novels) is the new shape for friendship that is portrayed in the fiction today.

Anyway, we at the Literature News wish you all a very happy friendship day!

by Amit Mishra for Literature News