Lal Bhatia is Indicting Goliath with the help of Literature!

LAL Bhatia Indicting Goliath justice

It was well said by someone that poetry can overtake almost everything in the future. However, the gentleman did not mean poetry in the narrowest possible sense. By poetry, he must have meant something which is an idea – broader and cohesive. And so, we see today people turning to literature even for the idea of justice. When the judiciary fails to recognise what’s true and what’s a lie, people have turned to literature to get their words out and reach the masses. And today, I am not talking about India or a person who has been denied justice by Indian judiciary. I am talking about the United States of America – a dreamland for many but also a nightmare for many ones like Lal Bhatia who have been denied fair trial and their right to justice and even the basic human rights by the state. Finally, he has turned to literature for justice. “Indicting Goliath” is here to seek justice for him!

“Normally, the rule of law must apply to everyone. Unless and until these dishonest individuals, including judges, prosecutors, investigating agents and their complaining witnesses are put on check, disciplined and/or prosecuted, these very powerful and politically connected individuals will remain “licensed to lie.”

Lal Bhatia is absolutely right. Not only he, many ones in the USA today are crying for prison and law reforms and the USA is as corrupt as any other under-developed nation. Lal’s method of exposing the corruption, including a billion dollar money laundering fraud, is rather wide and plural. His book can certainly reach many individuals and they will be compelled to think whether this is the right infrastructure which can deliver justice to individuals and the citizens of the USA.

In his book, Indicting Goliath, Lal Bhatia puts all evidence that he has accumulated. He puts all the documents in the public domain for the people to judge whether he was innocent and indicted falsely or not. In fact, after reading the book, one can easily judge how the power of politics and money can buy almost everything – justice, accusation, position, promotion and even lives! People have been using literature to expose the follies in the world and this book is another example, rather a fine example, of that tradition.

Questions that the author has raised do seek answers. Are there no human rights for the prisoners in the USA jails? Can the judges be easily bought and manipulated? Can the attorneys be bribed to make defence rather weaker?

Once again, literature has served as a medium to seek justice and expose follies. Let’s see whether the voice echoes in the corridors of power or not! If you also want to read what Lal Bhatia has written in his book Indicting Goliath, you can get a copy for yourself from Amazon India:

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by Saurabh for Literature News