Money Heist – thankfully, the extravaganza of absurdity ends with season 5 finale!

Money Heist – thankfully, the extravaganza of absurdity ends with season 5 finale!

Overhyped, woke, utterly absurd and nonsense – this is how I would rather define the series called Money Heist, if someone asks me. Youths, young audience and fanatics who abuse anyone disagreeing with them should come, abuse, rant against me or cry, I will not take my words back. Money Heist is the worst thriller serial or web series I have ever watched. And believe me, I watch a lot! Why am I against the entertainment thriller piece that everyone likes? Why am I against a TV show that everyone loves to discuss? Well, I will try to offer my reasons and I hope the message gets across with clarity.

A criminal, a robber, a thief, a mastermind, a cunning fox, an illegal person by all means! Professor raises his thumb like an intellectual many a time, positions his spectacles perfectly (perhaps every time he raises his thumb or more than that). A thief, son of a thief, brother of a thief, friend of many thieves and a father to be of a thief (mark it) who is being wombed by a lady who was the part of the team that is supposed to safeguard the nation against internal and external threats… how absurdly the directors might have milked the hype that this show has created for them!

The show has bloodshed, murders, goldrush (literally), foolish officers, easily corruptible police officers, useless Interpol, very gullible or rather childishly naive people in Spain… You can easily see what’s right and what’s wrong and it irks to see how foolishly the participants play their supposed roles in the movie. In movies like James Bond or Mission Impossible or even the abstract ones like Good Kill or The Web of Lies have super cops, intelligent intelligence officers, wonderful technology that can easily nab the greatest of the criminals… in this one, nevertheless, everything fails and we are left with immature criminals like Denver getting out with gold, befooling groups of officers a million time! What a drama!

I always complain against useless violence and rough scenes in movies. For example, countless buildings crumble to the ground when Hulk and the wrong guys take it against each other. What is happening to the people below? Who will repair it? How will it happen and in how many days? Traffic going berserk on the road. Cars crashing other cars. Drivers hitting many innocent drivers on the road as they chase or escape… what next? What happens to those innocents who die? Is there any consequence of heroism that is forced upon people? Likewise, is there any consequence of these villains who are branded as the biggest heroes battling against ‘the government’? And the shameless thief cares too much for jobs, market collapse, people dying of hunger that he brings back the gold reserves with fake, golden painted, stuffed pieces of shit? A man’s ego is too big that he can escape with tons of Gold and a country’s authority is too naive to call absolute bluffs? Make a sense of it and ask questions to yourself, people!


By Samridhi for Literature News