Politicians who are authors – surprising list of unlikely Indian Authors

India is a land of miracles. Miracles do happen. India is also a land of controversies. India is a land of harmony. India is also a land of disputes. India, if you look closely, offers many things and it’s up to the onlooker to pick up what he or she wants. At the same time, to be honest, India represents the massive bonhomie of unlikely, the amalgam of opposites and a platter with perfection served on a daily basis in spite of so much to disagree and conjecture. In this article, I will discuss a few politicians who have been wonderful authors and a few of them who have recently discovered their penchant for the pen. So, are you ready to look into a different side of the politicians in India?

Narendra Modi: Undoubtedly, he is the leading politician today and not only in India but the world. However, not many of his admirers or even haters might know that Narendra Modi is not only a politician or astute measures but also an author who has authored many books in his life thus far. The recent one that became popular was Exam Warriors, a book for students who appear in big examinations known by various names. Modi writes poetry, prose and most of his writings are based on various aspects of our beautiful country. You can buy books by Modi from Amazon India – click here to buy books written by Narendra Modi

Shashi Tharoor: He has been trending today because he believes that a workplace like Parliament can also be attractive because ladies are there. True. However, the way he has put this tweet does irk some sexism. Leave that. He is on it (most of the time). Tharoor has been writing books for many decades and he has also won critical acclaim as well as awards for his writings. Known for his exceptional command of the English language, Tharoor has written popular titles like The Great Indian Novel, An Era of Darkness and many more. His books are known for outstanding language as well as political sharpness. You can buy his books from Amazon India – click here to buy Tharoor’s books

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Well, it would be unfair to put Vajpayee on this list of politicians who might not be known as authors. Vajpayee was a prolific poet and his poetry is liked by people across different regions able to read and understand Hindi. He has written many collections of poems as well as books on other subjects like politics and nationalism. His books are popular and his poetic prowess is considered to be the leading light for many young poets of this generation including famous ones like Kumar Vishwas. You can get books written by Atal Bihari Vajpayee from Amazon India by clicking the link below:
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Smriti Irani: On the resume of this star women minister in the Modi cabinet for two consecutive terms, Smriti Irani has just added ‘author’ with her maiden novel publication – Lal Salaam. The novel is based on Naxalism, Maoism and terrorism that is originated on the left side of the spectrum. The novel has been appreciated by journalists and leading readers. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India and judge the writing debut of Smriti Irani yourself. Buy the novel here – Amazon India

Kapil Sibal: Kapil Sibal is known more as a politician from the Congress party as well as an advocate of repute. However, very few of you might know him as an author and a poet. Yes, Mr Sibal has written a few books. He writes poetry and prose. His famous books are My World Within and I Witness. Though he has written a few others, these two are famous ones among them all. You can get to read these books by getting copies from Amazon India. Click here to buy Sibal’s books – Amazon


There are many others in the Indian political sphere who write books, can dance, can sing and can do many other things. However, we tend to judge almost everyone guided by our political biases and no one is wrong in doing so. However, when we get time beyond politics, knowing a few of the great ones by other things that they are capable of doing will give us much pleasure. All the best guys!

By Alka for Literature News