Technology – habits of reading & writing and changes we have seen so far

The intervention of technology in our lives has not been limited in the recent one or two decades. On all the fronts, we can see a hand of technology offering us assistance for various purposes. Today, the purpose of writing this opinion article is very simple – assessing the way our word habits and writing habits and reading habits have changed in the light of advanced technologies that we have today. And to begin with, do you even remember last consulting dictionary in its physical form? do you even r

The new books – read it all on your mobile phone:
The new reading methods have changed dramatically. Now you don’t need to carry your books. You can have thousands of books directly accessible on your mobile phone or Kindle readers and you can enjoy them at your command. However, it might cost a little of your eyesight. Gone are the days when people used to carry their books during the adventure trips or casual journeys. Now, they just check whether they have their favourite books loaded on the phone or not (most of them, if not all). Among the youths, the habit of paperback or hardcover reading has just dried (to a large extent).

Paper and Pen – goodbye:
If you have read the news from some university where exams might be on the computer very soon because the writings of the students are so bad that teachers actually were unable to check their examination copies! So, are we forgetting the art of good handwriting? Maybe yes! We have tons of content on choosing the best laptop for writers, best mobile apps to improve one’s writing skills, must have apps on Macbooks for the writers, and so on…. So, have we officially moved on? Are pens and notebooks just there for the purpose of gifting? We might have to give a second thought here.

Instant Dictionaries – help when needed:
Who will carry the Oxford dictionary everywhere? Certainly not and this mobile dictionary is something useful if we are ready to sacrifice some opportunity for extra calories burning walk to bring our dictionaries from that dark corner of our libraries or study rooms.

Mobile News Alerts – death? birth? war? peace? what not:
We know many ones who don’t bother having a minute to spend reading newspaper in the morning but they are actually updated more than the average guy who spends hours reading many newspapers in the morning. We have these news alerts on our mobile phones which keep buzzing time to time. De Gea’s stop once again saves MU! Arsenal continues their worse form. Messi breaks another record. Govt. questioned in the parliament. North Korea usual tactics go on. Trump… and so on! When will we officially say goodbye to the paper newspapers? Any sooner?


And many more changes are on our way already. We have to sit and discuss because many of our old habits have already become museum pieces and many are on the verge to be!

by an LN contributor