The rise of Indian English Fiction – win-win for all!

Indian authors have already started making their impact on the global readership. It has widened the scope of a true global literature goal that Indian literature society was dreaming to achieve a few decades ago. Not only Indian readers but also the global readers and global literary figures are looking up to Indian literary space. It has opened up the opportunities for many emerging authors in India to get lucrative publishing deals if they have their manuscript crafted carefully enough to attract the publishing houses. In short, the market for publishing and writing is achieving new heights today.

After the success of authors like Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi along with the serious authors like Adiga and Amitav Ghosh, a new life has been blown into the idle world of Indian fiction – writers from different corners of the country are coming with their creativity and power of thinking. Serious fiction is also growing and proving its mettle along with the popular genre of contemporary fiction – romance and casual literature. On the one hand, authors like Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta are providing the readers with entertainment. On the other hand, there are authors like Amitav Ghosh who are representing India on various global platforms by winning the awards or getting noticed for their contribution to world literature.

Meanwhile, in India, publishers are rising very fast. They have opened their doors for authors with talent. If traditional publishers are not supportive enough, self-publishers in India are lending their helping hands to the authors very big-heartedly and they are getting the papers for the flights of imagination and the angst of realism. Whether self-publishing a book is good or not is another debate to be settled but it’s for certain that for the moment, they have provided opportunities to thousands of authors who think they have got the elements to make their presence felt.

Realising the space for creativity and the market filled with curious readers, foreign authors are also taking interest in Indian self-publishers. They have begun exploring the Indian book market by writing stories which highlight India, Indianness and Indian characters. It is certainly a win for Indian Literature in English! Other than publishers and authors, readers are the ones who are on the advantageous ground here. They have enough to read and many options to choose from for their weekend, casual and serious reading schedules!

a story by Amit for Literature News