When you become a famous author – you are paid to talk on phone!

There are many perks that come with being famous. Though a person can become famous in any of the various fields of works, I am talking about writers. Writers struggle to get to the top and only a few can achieve success with their written pieces. On the other hand, there are many airdropped authors who first become famous in any other field and then write a book to encash their fame earned by ‘chance’ (in most of the cases). Malala is one such example. She became famous because she wanted to go to school in Pakistan. She was shot. She survived and got asylum outside her country. She became the face of women empowerment very quickly. She wrote a book. Well, where is the issue?

Recently, on May 3, 2021, a Twitter user by the name of Diljit Shah alleged that Malala charged 100 pounds per hour to talk to him over the phone, about the book she wrote. Though it is difficult to get to the events in the past and become silent spectators and verify the veracity of the claim made, it is also equally difficult to deny the charges just casually. The said Twitter use runs a book club in Tiruchy, Tamilnadu. The call was made, as said, after a book review session was held in the book club.

Though it is not a surprising thing altogether to charge for your time over a call, it is certainly a notorious thing to come out in open. Nobody would like their back-in-the-green-room details coming out in the open. There are many ‘famous’ authors who charge money to let their names be used on the blurbs of the books by new authors. They charge just for their names, don’t even read a page of the book concerned and let the authors have the liberty to write anything about the book that goes along with their names. It is not illegal. Is it fair? Is it ethical? Is it good for literature?

Yes, ultimately, it’s all about money! This is the only truth that needs to remain constant and there should not be any doubts in accepting this truth as it is. Everything about literature and supporting the causes can take a long, constant and usual root while making money remains the topmost priority of authors, poets and scholars. They are often seen appearing in TV Shows, contests, ceremonies and many other occasions. You can easily understand what goes on in the background…


Written by Madhav for Literature News