A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh – Book Review

A thousand Seeds of Joy Ananda review

Title: A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Author: Ananda Karunesh
Publisher: The Write Place
Year: 2018
Page Count: 370
Rating: 5/5
Review by Amit for Literature News


Men have been men and women have been women except for those aligned moments of the stars when people exchanged the roles – devis killing asuras and devtas invoking them to appear and save them from disaster. A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Ji reminds us of those moments when women produced exceptional feats of valour, wisdom and maturity – that, for sure, out stumped the men who thought to be smart forever. This book, as the author tells the readers, is a summary of the discussion that he had with Goddesses – Saraswati and Lakshmi.

Through the introduction of Goddesses and their words, the book – which is the first one in a series, throws light on various issues related to religion, spirituality, science and our universe in general. It also deals with many issues which might be concerned (if we take it that way) with the modern issues of feminism. So, it becomes certain that A Thousand Seeds of Joy is a book with vivid facets to offer to the readers.

What will a reader find in this book?

There are seven parts and thirty-three chapters in the book. The seven parts are constructed with chapters which align in their subjects. Talks on Sita, Draupadi, Ramayana, and even outside the ambit of traditional Hinduism, of Mary, of Eve and of ladies from different religions are there. This comes as something new and unique to the readers of spiritual and religious books in India – the convergence of religions – or simply the way of life.


Do the arguments hold to the level of being divine?

As far as I have understood this book, it certainly offers the thoughts which are otherwise not expected from common beings. Though speculations can always be there whether Ananda Karunesh has really talked to the Goddesses or not, the talks are wonderful in tone and certainly above the common intellectual discourse. That’s something which compels us to think that the author’s awakened state of being has achieved something which we must take delight in.


At last, A Thousand Seeds of Joy does have something unique… it tells the readers that the communion with the divine is easy and simpler than we understand it to be. To meet with the above is not all impossible for the people of this earth. It can be done with simple practices. He has also asked the Goddesses about meditation, the secrets of the soul, the journey of human being and also a few questions which are religious in tone and very desirable for an answer in nature.

If you are planning to read something unique and yet simple, you need to read this book. It will tell you how things are and how we suppose them to be. Learn from the wisdom of Goddesses and enjoy! You can get a copy of the book from the link below:

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book review by Amit for Literature News


A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh
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A complete spiritual title… it has many things to offer and nothing repeats… an unusual but must-read book for the readers who love reading spiritual and religious books!