What is Everything Made of? Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh – Book Review


It is highly unusual that I have reviewed a children’s book and it’s not some contemporary comics or superhero novella or fairy tale fantasy. Yes, the present book that I have brought up for a review is nothing like before. Ananya Singh and Khushboo Singh have brought a book, very few pages decorated with rhyming, lyrical and minimal text coupled with graphics that match the descriptions – What is Everything Made of? The Five Elements of Creation – The Pancha Bhutas. As the title suggests, apparently, the book is about introducing young friends to the five elements of nature – the pancha bhutas or the panch tatvas that form everything we see. And the authors have done well… with text, context, graphics and the friendly tone of the narrative, they have been successful in coming up with a book that can educate young friends while keeping them entertained and delighted. This is what should be the main function of children’s literature.

The best part about Ananya and Khushboo’s book is that it does not take the route that many ‘tutoring’ children’s authors take. These two authors have been friendly, accessible, reachable and always present instead of letting their facts and figures take the centre seat and perplex the children. The friendly nature of the book will help kids navigate through this 20-page book very conveniently. They will learn a new concept, probably talk about it and its perspectives with others, and most probably ask more questions about it – and this should be the purpose of such books. Ananya and Khushboo’s book has been successful in creating that inspiring atmosphere that helps children walk in the direction of learning.

The authors have tried to give the lesson a friendly tone, an interesting set-up and a very compelling narrative. The five elements of creation become the five angels of creation. It’d be easy for kids and young readers to remember what they read because they don’t only read; they rather witness everything visually and visual memories last longer than textual memories. I liked this idea and also find it more fruitful compared to books that have only text.

“The five angels of creation are your best friends.”

Lines like these are very useful in getting kids to know something. They are always curious to have more friends and what could be better than the five angels of creation. The psychological setup will certainly inspire learning, transfer of ideas and a fruitful engagement with the content in the book. Authors have done their part in a very productive manner. Parents will find an ideal gifting option when picking books for their kids or anyone looking for books for young readers will find What Is Everything Made Of interesting, engaging and attractive…

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Review by Ashish for Literature News

What is Everything Made of? Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh – Book Review
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What is Everything Made of? Ananya Singh & Khushboo Singh is an ideal book for those who want their children to learn, get inspired and spend time in productive exercises…