4 Mistakes every serious book reader (or a bookworm) must avoid!

4 Mistakes that a Bookworm MUST avoid!

What are some of the mistakes that a serious reader must avoid? What do you do if you want to become a bookworm? Here is an article that you will certainly find helpful. Read on!

There is a thing called a reader. There is a bigger thing called an ardent reader. There is an even bigger thing called a serious reader. And then, at last, there is the best that we can become – a bookworm. Are you a proud bookworm? If you think you are a proud bookworm who spends many hours of a day reading books, you should read this article to the last punctuation mark. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the mistakes that many bookworms make unconsciously because there are too busy in reading their favourite books and they do not have much time to think about these little things. However, these little mistakes, in the long run, can prove to be very costly if a ‘serious and dedicated’ bookworm continues with these mistakes frequently. So, what are the mistakes that bookworms often make? And also, in this article, I will share my opinions on how to avoid these somewhat common mistakes that a bookworm makes. Let’s get into it!

1. Pick anything and read nothing: I used to be a bookworm like this when I began my journey with books. I picked up titles in an overflow of enthusiasm and just did not care about the genre, author or even the reviews. This is, to be candid, the worst phase of a bookworm’s life. If you want to continue as a bookworm for a longer period of time (or as long as your pair of luminaries accompany you in their best form), you should develop a habit of picking what you might finish. Being a bookworm on Goodreads and reading in actual life are two different things. On Goodreads, you can delude yourself and others with numbers and page numbers; in real life, you cannot just flip the pages and pronounce a book as ‘read’. So, be wise and make wiser choices of titles to be read. Pick small targets at the beginning of your reading life. You will go long.

2. Forgetting Objectivity: Most of the bookworms begin their journey as readers in a purely individual capacity and also for their personal pleasure. However, with time, many of them convert themselves into book critics and either begin working with a literary platform or launch their own book review websites. In such cases, I ahem often observed that many of them forget their objectivity while passing the opinions to their readers. Personal biases, personal likes and dislikes for authors, genres or particular subjects, and even payments for reviews should not come in the way to objectivity. Objectivity is something that every book reviewer (of course a bookworm by default) should follow. I have also seen that some of the very best Indian book review sites have readers (or critics) who either indulge in biased reviewing or even judge the book by its cover! It should be avoided.

3. Mark your pages – Bookmarks: How many of bookworms you know use bookmarks? I know them and they are very rare. These days, in the digital wake, bookmarks have become rare. However, a real bookworm is one who uses books with real pages and bookmarks with real features. Those were the days of designer, threaded and stylish bookmarks which used to enhance the presence of a book in the hands of a serious reader with spectacles… still, if you are a serious bookworm and want to continue reading without being frustrated in case you forget where you left what you were reading, begin using bookmarks before its too late. You can get bookmarks in various kinds and qualities. You can also get page markers on which you can note various things and past them and repaste them again and again (for a few times, easily). You can also use designer bookmarks. Are you ready? You can buy some bookmarks for your reading sessions from Amazon India by using the link below:

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4. Audiobooks are not BOOKS: This one idea certainly gets me frustrated every time I talk about these things called Audiobooks. Audiobooks are not real books. And a bookworm who listens to audiobooks is no bookworm! Audiobooks are for kids who want to be lulled to sleep and even for them, it may be dangerous for having the earplugs plugged to their ears for a longer period of time. Reading is NOTHING like the advertisements we see on TV where a lady rides the bike and a person sits with earphones plugged into his ears and listening to an audiobook. Books are not to be heard. Books are to be read. Books are to be felt. Books are to be touched. Books are something we need to be physically there to make the best impression. So, if you are a new age bookworm and want to include audiobooks in your joined of words, you are not a bookworm who will go any longer. Gather real books in your life and you will have the best friends for life!

So, guys, these were my ideas that a bookworm must have enjoyed reading. I know I have missed many. You can let me know what more should a bookworm avoid in order to become a better reader. I will welcome all your comments. And keep reading! All the best! Happy Reading!


by a contributor for Literature News