Cheer your mind with these literary masterpieces – survive the second wave of COVID-19

Books to keep you calm in the hours of crisis

Feeling alone and depressed? The pandemic is getting its veto over your will power? Have you started to give in to the engulfing effect that the media and influencers are creating about COVID-19? Well, it’s the time you get some real and good company and get out of this negative effect with some realism that will not let you slip into the grip of no-tomorrow fate. Realism, as found in literature, will make you realise how the world that you see might not be what you believe it to be. There are many works that you can read to understand the way of the world and rejoice with what you have while being neutrally objective to what might come. Here are a few books that will help you remain calm and also happy during the troublesome phase we are all going through:

Palgrave’s Golden Treasury: This is a collection of poems that will keep you happy, realistic, melancholy and inspired… in short, this book has many emotions stored in the pages that are inked with poems by the greats and the unknowns… those who wrote in English. From Thomas Nashe to T. S. Eliot, from Keats to Tennyson… you will love the poems. Turn to any page, put your finger on any line – everything there is to be enjoyed and read!

Simple Secrets for Becoming Healthy, Wealthy & Wise by David Niven: This is one of the best books for mental peace and information that you can take you there… divided into 365 effective, well-documented and scientifically proven facts helping you understand what to add and subtract in order to achieve peace of mind, calmness at heart and wellness in life. For example, one of the facts advise you to cut off yourself from the TV and it can dramatically reduce your stress levels. Isn’t it useful today?

Death by Sadhguru: Are you afraid of death? Everybody is and there is no shame in accepting that you are afraid to die! Death is inevitable and unpredictable. It can come today, tomorrow or even now – right now. However, in this book, one of the most famous spiritual leaders today, Sadhguru, tells his readers not to panic about death and brings in various arguments that dramatically attempt to hijack all those fear-factors associated with death. In Hindu philosophy, death is told to be a new beginning… not an end. And as you read this book, you should be convinced to lead ‘this’ life with ease, peace and conviction before moving into a new one.

Bhagavad Gita by Gita Press: Read the mini-pocket version or read the voluminous one with explanations that will keep you engaged and agile – reading Bhagavad Gita will always be helpful in realising what is true, permanent and must-remain and what’s there to be finished once the cycle is over… read for centuries and ‘Yugas’ by seers, readers, philosophers and the general public, this is the master-plot behind everything that we see happening in the world… do read it to realise what many have realised.

Routledge Handbook of Conspiracy Theories: This one will help you spend your time comfortably… you will navigate through various conspiracy theories that are famous around the world and sociological reasons and analysis behind those. This will be a healthy time pass decorated with some good first-hand knowledge and analysis. Do read it.

Wishing you some good hours! Enjoy your time and stay motivated.


By Ashish for Literature News