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Book Promotion Tips for Self-published Authors

Can it be enough – you have written a book and there is a book market; go there and sell your books. Readers come there and buy it. While many ones with simple thinking can surely say it happens almost like this, the authors who are writing in this age won’t agree. Only they know how tough it has become to sell their books and even after doing little tantrums here and there, they cannot make it happen. So, what is the thing that the authors can do to make their books popular? What can the authors do to sell more copies? Is there a way?

Many questions like this did not exist around twenty years back from now. Because in those days, publishing a book was very difficult. Today, anything can be published if someone has enough pockets on his or her shirts. However, it has done a counter-attack on the quality of the published material and also increased the competition in the book markets because there are certain titles, rejected by the ‘supposed mainstream’ publishers who make it to there themselves! Good content still sells and good books still get what they deserve, in most of the cases. What for those who are just willing to sell their books to at least make a name for themselves as authors? Well, there are the things which can help them.

A good book PR agency does the job for the self-published authors. They know the trick (the genuine agencies only) to get a hold on the readers’ trend and manage their strategies according to that. Book Promotion Company can help the self-published authors in making their book famous on the web and that’s what they need. Things offline or off the web seldom work now. This is the age of digital marketing and the readers have very well made themselves into the digital targets of these agencies on the behalf of eager authors who want always to reach there.

Nevertheless, the authors must keep in mind what they are doing. Hiring a wrong agency can just ruin it for them and let them off with another blow. The book market is not a market where you can sell anything – from LED bulbs to cattle. The agencies which pose themselves as book promotion firms must have an understanding of author branding and book publicity in real terms and authors can easily find it out by following these simple steps:

Inquire about the head of the firm: Who is the person who handles the position of CEO or the founder himself? If you can see that the founder of the CEO of the Book PR agency is some author himself or any settled book critic or a person from the humanities background, you are likely to get your job done by those guys. A person who comes from these background understands the art of convincing very well, unlike all those MBAs who can seldom sell a book!

Check the language: You should also inquire about some previous publicity job that they might have done. You can check if the language in those campaigns (reviews) are persuasive or not. If you are persuaded, you have a green signal!

Do they work for authors: Do inquire about this. An agency which can promote the books must know the art of branding the authors as well. Promoting the book alone might not work as effectively as branding the author side by side may do.

The Purse: Always check for the budget you have and the budget the agency might suggest you. Good Book PR agencies always offer custom packages as well to ensure that they can serve every possible author who wants to do a bit of promotion for his or her book!

With these steps, you can easily see if the PR agency is suitable for your needs or not. We hope this article will be useful for the self-published or anyhow published authors.