5 Must Read Sports Biographies and Autobiographies – list

5 must read sports biographies and autobiographies

Sports have become very important part of human life. We cannot deny the presence of sports which has been increasing day by day and month by month and year by year. In recent decades, it has only deepened and furthered its penetration into our lives. Depending on where one lives, there must be a form of sorts which, this way or that, connects to the life directly. In India, we have cricket; in Spain, they have football; in the USA, they have their soccer; in the UK, they have cricket and Football and others as well… and so on… the list never ceases to be perennial. So, why is Literature News suddenly talking about sports? No, we did not change our genre of reporting – we are bringing you a list of 5 must-read books by sportsmen which you simply cannot ignore.

A Century is not Enough: My Roller-coaster Ride to Success: Sourav Ganguly’s autobiography is the latest book on the list of books by the cricketers and this is, to admit, not free of riddles and controversies like many others by these cricketers before. Around every book, there must be some controversial air and then only a book will get the desired exposure and focus and limelight. However, Ganguly’s book also has many other things which make a book must-read. It captures (or tries to capture – a book is not enough) the cricketing life of Dada of Indian cricket team and lets us into the glorious and fading days of one of the heroes of Indian cricket. He has also talked about many other things we never knew about Dada and his team. If you are a cricket fan, this book is certainly a must-read for you!

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David Beckham: My Side: The most played game in the world is football, without a doubt. And which footballing nation does not know the star from the LA Galaxy in his ultimate days? David Beckham is one of the most respected footballers in the world and he has played perhaps in all the major leagues in the world. His book, though not so new, like him, is a class apart. You can know many things about him and his football and other unheard things by reading his autobiography My Side.

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Playing It My Way: What many footballers are to football, only Sachin is to the cricket! Sachin’s size in the world of cricket is of that giant who dwarfs everything or everyone on his way to glory. His career has been through ups and downs but the result to every struggle was only one – Sachin’s reputation and his size increased more and more. In his book, though a little too scorey and statistical, will reignite the cricketing fever that once gripped his fans. Playing It My Way has also broken all the records of pre-release booking and after a few years of publication, the book still continues to reach more and more readers every day. You can rekindle your memories of Sachin Tendulkar on the field and off the field by reading this amazing book.

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God and Starbucks: Do you know Vin Baker? Probably yes, if you are an NBA fan; no, if you are not interested in the American style of soccer. However, in any case, you cannot ignore this very good book which details the life of a former NBA star and Gold Medalist, Vin Baker, who lost many precious things to his addiction. He came from the behind and got most of the things back but the time was already gone – as it is ever ticking… This latest book by an NBA star is for every NBA fan who wants to know what’s behind the most of the curtains which hide the things in the background of stardom and great muscles.

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Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania: Even I am a huge fan of this wonder person named Daniel Bryan! He has not only inspired the WWE world but also millions of his fans across the world. His autobiography has gone to become one the bestselling books in the USA and also the readers around the globe are reading him and his journey which seemed improbable even to me when I first saw him in the ring of WWE. However, Daniel has gone on to prove many of his critics wrong and he came up as one of the most liked WWE superstars of all time! If you are WWE fan, this book is surely for you.

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