First edition copy of the First book in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series sold @ £33,000

Harry Potter copy sold at £33,000 in an auction news literature

Harry Potter, since the time it was first published in the year 1997, has been in records, news and a constant buzz that continues around it. Though the last novel in the Harry Potter series was published long ago in 2007, the fans and the popularity are never stopping… Rowling’s book has certainly (seemingly, maybe) surpassed the meter of fame against Rowlatt’s act, both originating in England and coming to India – one by the sea and another by various mediums. In recent news, as published in a famous newspaper in England, it has come to light that the very first edition of the first novel in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, has been sold at £33,000 in an auction held.

It is reported that the copy sold was owned by a school teacher from Buckinghamshire and she kept the copy of this novel in an almost abandoned space since the copy was considerably old. However, little did she know that this might fetch an amount as large as this – and it proves in many ways that the fans of Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling are in no mood to stop their frenzy for the novel and the novelist!

The news further adds that four more copies of four different novels in the same series were also sold at a high price. The seller reportedly was overwhelmed by the price she got for the books she sold. Though the books were almost useless for her after so many years, the love for Rowling and her novels among her fans is worthier than any value and the event countersigns this statement many times. However, the seller, when she didn’t know that the books might sell in an auction, thought that the copy she had might be useful for her children and maybe the children of her children in the future to come.

Rowling’s recent connection with the news has been a mixed bag for her fans. She was in the news because of her corona scare and also because she vowed to add £1 million to the funds for fighting against the pandemic at hand. However, this news comes with a lot of positivity for her fans around the world that the love for her novels published almost 23 years ago is still intact and the readers are more than willing to splash case in thousand ponds…


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