Quick round up – literature news on April 13, 2018

Quick round-up of the important literature news around the world in recent times:

From Nigeria, a prize for Drama
A total of 89 entries in the Drama genre will compete for the 2018 edition of the Nigeria Prize for Literature focused on Drama. The entries have been given to the advisory committee which looks over the submissions and makes the decision on prizes. The winner will be announced to the world in October, later this year.

From Stockholm – the sex scandal and Nobel Prize for literature
The sex-scandal and its mishandling do not seem to end any sooner and now, the head of the Nobel Prize of Literature panel, Sara Danius, has tendered her resignation from her post with an immediate effect after a meeting on Thursday. It has created the shares of doubts over the Nobel prize for literature and its future!

Alexis Wright and her Stella Prize
A very reputed woman author from Queensland, Australia, Alexis Wright has won this year’s Stella Prize for literature which is open to women writing in any genre. She has won this prestigious and $50,000 literary award for her novel Tracker. Alexis Wright has been producing quality fiction for many years now. She was born in 1950 and her novels like Carpentaria, The Swan Book have already impressed the world of fiction readers in the past.

Drue Heinz dies at 103!
Who lives more than 70 now? However, a very popular and graceful figure in American Literature and popular in world literature as well, Drue Heinz, has died on 30 March 2018. She lived a life of more than 100 years! She was a versatile literary figure and she was known among the circles of literary awareness as a philanthropist and patron of good writing.


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