What does Taliban’s terror mean for commoners in Afghanistan?

Literature is not related to the subject mentioned in the headline. Many will say so. Literature doesn’t have anything to with those or that, this or them and so on… however, once you realise that what is happening in Afghanistan will shape the future of the country in a shadowy, dusky and troublesome direction, you will understand what ramifications of the current siege or forceful suppression of freedom and freedom of expression will have on literature – if anyone survives and dares to write about it in future. One Khaled Hosseini escaped the Taliban terror and became a star in the shelter of the USA. However, he liberated himself and started taking interest in the politics of the ‘donkeys and horses’ that he did not understand. Will there be many Hosseinis now? Or, the worst, will there be no Hosseinis now?

Taliban doesn’t respect human rights. Taliban doesn’t respect women. Taliban doesn’t respect freedom of expression. It simply does not have any regard for humanity. Nevertheless, there are the cheerleaders of these barbaric, savage, dreadful terrorists in the liberal eco-chambers of the media houses like CNN and BBC who are going gaga over the fact that Talibani terrorists were wearing masks… god!

Yes, the current siege might take us into the depths of muckraking – he did this, she did that, they allowed this and they were responsible. Right now, the champion of human rights, UNHRC, that otherwise has too much to tell about any leave falling in Asia or particularly India, is silent and perhaps dumb or rather blind too… UN has become a joke! Authors and writers, poets and literary personalities, Hollywood and Bollywood giants who rallied against Trump about anything, are silent and hiding in their rabbit holes because they know they have the blood of innocent children on their hands. Yes, later, when all of this is over for good, there will be another Khaled Hosseini bestseller claiming that the Taliban are rather friendly but the USA might have deceived us all… sad but probable!

Right now, the poets and the authors, the media personalities and the ‘intellectuals’ should come forward and denounce not only with words but also force the countries of the world to take harshest actions against the brute murderers and rapists who have no regard for humanity! However, in the order things are appearing right now, we cannot expect much from the world’s elite people. Those who can run should run for their lives, immediately!


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