A Webinar on Sangam Literature – the earliest Tamil literature will be discussed, 14-17 May

Sangam Literature has always been a source of inspiration for literary critics and academic scholars. Generally considered to be the literature focused on the period between BC 300 to AD 300, Sangam Literature is considered to the earliest produced literature in the Tamil language. Also known as Caṅkam literature, scholars have been conjecturing over the production period of Sangal Literature and some prominent academicians believe that it should have been produced during 100 BC to 250 AD. Though there is a constant debate over the production years. This seminar, webinar, in fact, starting from today, 14 May 2020, will continue till 17 May. “Sangam Age Poetics and Culturalscapes” is the title of this webinar.

Noted Tamil literature scholars will speak on the relationship between archaeological findings that suggest the details found in Sangam literary works to be true. There will be two main speakers in the webinar who will highlight the qualities, details and relationship between excavations and the literature. V Vedachalam and V Selvakumar will be speaking in the webinar on Sangam literature. They will also focus on the recent findings in Keeladi which has remarkably dated back to almost 600 BC and the latest to 1000 AD, still hiding almost 1500 years of history and secrets in its womb.

There will be four parts in this webinar and each part will deal with a different idea. The most important, certainly, is the link between archaeological findings on various Tamil sites and the literature produced during the Sangam period in Tamil literature. Other key focus areas of this webinar will be the cultural portrayal of the people of the Sangam period, social and civilisational details, trade standard and person-to-person relationships and a few others.

The webinar will certainly be very important for the enthusiasts of Tamil literature. It will aim to unearth many details that will benefit the research scholars and also the students of Tamil literature who want to understand the most productive and also the most important phase of Tamil history. In the times of coronavirus, such events become very important as the process of learning should not be deterred by any impediment. If you are also a keen enthusiast of Tamil literature and history, you can get more details about the webinar and join it.

A contributor for Literature News