Indian Version of International Literature Festival in October

International Literature Festival or popularly known as lit fest is a well-known phrase among the Indians who are literary aware and track the happenings in the world of literature. When someone speaks about it, all the attention gets shifted to Jaipur Lite-Fest, a popular yearly event. Though happening in India, the influence of the Western and other nations is easily evident in the event. Partly to create a different stream and largely to promote Indian writing and Indian Literature, the Yogi Adityanath government in UP has decided to start an annual literary festival deemed as ‘international literary festival’. However, this event will focus on Indian authors from various parts, literature in global, national and regional fervour.

The first edition of this three-day event will feature in Varanasi and likely, BHU will be co-organising the event with the UP government. The motive is very clear – the government wants to promote the rich literary culture of India and present it to the audience. This is certainly a good news for the literary fraternity in India. First edition will take place in October and it will continue for three days. The major fixtures in the literary festival will be seminars, book launches, panel discussions, themed shows, cultural events and many other things.

While we have to wait and watch what happens during the event and in the post-event analysis, this is certainly a good move by the UP government. We welcome this as a very much needed action because Indians have been generally following or even imitating the over vulnerable Western trends in literature. Knowing our own will surely strengthen our beliefs in rich Indian literature.

Indian authors who are writing also have a great opportunity in the form of an international literature festival to promote their works. The Jaipur literature festival has almost made the lesser-known and struggling Indian writers as the pariah because they are too much involved in the western. For them, this Indian version of international literature festival will surely bring some hope and ample platform.

Literature News Staff