New Delhi World Book Fair 2018 kicks off

New Delhi Book Fair 2018

Good news for the book lovers! The New Delhi World Book Fair 2018, acronymed as NDWBF, has kicked off and it will remain there at the Pragati Maidan attracting thousands of visitors and book lovers every day until 14th January 2018.

The book fair is organised by National Book Trust of India. It aims at promoting the reading habit majorly among the youngsters in the country and also provides the publishers with a platform to sell their books to the audience without much trouble attracting them because New Delhi Book Fair is one of the most important events in the world in the terms of literature. The number of publishers has increased with the successful annual fairs and it has reached this year up to almost 900. Publishers from different countries participate in the World Book Fair at Delhi and you can see a sea of the books everywhere at Pragati Maidan for these 7 days.

Not only books, the fair has other attraction as well. Many authors from various countries will be here for different literary events and some will also speak on various issues. If you are about to visit the book fair, make sure you reach the seminar stages and events area. You will get a lot to witness!

The theme of this year’s New Delhi World Book Fair is based on environment and climate change and hopefully, there will be many events centred on the same that visitors to the fair can watch and enjoy.

The only problem with the book fair on such a large scale is the price of the books! You will rarely find a corner which sells books at considerable prices that students can afford very willingly. 20% discount on a book priced 1100 Rs doesn’t matter more to someone who has come to visit the fair with 700 Rs in his or her pocket! However, for them, we do have an advice. Just reach to the nearby place called Daryaganj and have a feast on books! You can get the pieces of literature there as cheap as Rs 10 per kg!

Have a happy visit to the fair, book lovers! Do share your experiences with us if you have already visited the fair.


by an LN staff