World Book Day 2018 – 23 April: list of books you should read

WORLD Book Day 2018 23 April

Book lovers and literature lovers (in general), today is the day for us! 23rd April is celebrated, since the year 1995, every year as the World Book Day. Celebrated and observed in various ways across the world, this day is marked with the enthusiasm, especially in the literature lovers. So, as a platform propagating literature and art, we have also decided to put our efforts in the flux. On this day, the World Book Day 2018, we are offering you the list of 5 books that will surely keep you engaged and inspired. The books come from various genres and different timelines.

The Great Gatsby: Who can forget it? Anyone, whosoever read the book, cannot forget the web of a deceiving attractive current that covered James “Jimmy” Gatz or simply Jay Gatsby! Nick is impressive but is often eclipsed by the appeal of Jay G. An impressive and timeless novel which will surely keep the readers of fiction indulged… something that must be celebrated! If you haven’t yet read this classic, yet modern in appeal, you have missed many sensations of ecstasy! Go ahead and enjoy reading this book. Get it from the Amazon link below:

Amazon Link – Great Gatsby

L.O.L: Law of Luck: How many times readers might have noticed us putting a contemporary debut on our lists as important as this? But be sure, we are doing it because the readers associated with Literature News have found the debut novel by Natansh Goyal not only to be impressive but also an innovation in the terms of narrative and craft of fiction writing. His protagonist is a classic example of a thesis written clockwise… You will be impressed by the ideas of this young author, for sure. More than that, Natansh has also included the serious observations on the law of attraction, something that attracts many of us – the logically emotional persons! Get the novel from the Amazon link below:

Amazon Link – Law of Luck

The Meaning of Human Existence: For those who would like to explore about the evolution of human beings, not with the eyes of science merely but also with the philosophical discovering of the facts and the questions, the multiple-recognition-winning biologist, Edward Osborne Wilson, presents this book! Published in the year 2014, the book presents the arguments, optimism and realism of the scientist which will be very interesting for the readers. Are we really so special as human beings in this universe? You will be surprised with some of the facts in this book and maybe angry with some of the observations made by the author; nevertheless, the author will keep you high all the time! Enjoy this book by getting a copy from the Amazon link below:

Amazon Link – Meaning of Human Existence

National Geographic Answer Book: Why celebrate all the way by yourself? Let’s include the young minds and let them know about the world book day as well. That’s why we have included this amazing book by National Geographic, The Answer Book with 10,001 facts about our world. It will answer various questions about our atmosphere, our world, our life, countries, continents, oceans and what not! Younger ones will surely appreciate this as a gift on this great occasion! Get your copy and make some sparkling mind happy:

Amazon Link – National Geographic Answer Book

Best Poems of the English Language: Who are the lovers of poetry here? Oh, I see one, two, three, four…. three hundred and sixty-eight by now! Wow! We still love poetry, don’t we? Let’s celebrate the spirit of poetry this World Book Day. Harold Bloom has compiled the ‘best poems written in the English language’ according to his judgement. We have absolutely enjoyed the selection so far and we believe that every poetry reader will do enjoy the poems in this book. Get your copy from Amazon now and enjoy these poems whenever you feel like reading poetry:

Amazon Link – Best Poems in the English Language

So, folks, this is our list of books for the World Book Day, 2018. We wish you a bookish day here and sign off until we have a new story to do. Do let us know your opinions once you buy any or many of the books on this list.


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