Authors, please learn to respect ‘critics,’ ‘bloggers,’ and professional book reviewers too!

As someone who has spent almost a decade blogging about books, it is really surprising to see that authors do not respect bloggers or critics as much as they seem to (and actually do) respect the vanity publishers, self-publishing companies and also the traditional publishers. I have known many authors who paid hundreds of thousands to some low-ethic self-publishing companies publishing any garbage you want to be published. However, when it comes to paying ‘reading fees’ to someone who is doing it as a profession, reading books and writing book reviews, they will come with arguments like ‘I didn’t know it was a promotional website’. Well, wait a minute, did you know you pay one lac to get your mediocre book published?

It has been a regular and unnecessary habit of authors (mostly self-published ones) to hunt for those starters in the field of book blogging and ‘offering a copy in exchange for an honest review’. Long ago. Days are done. Authors should learn to respect professional book blogging as they respect the undeserving and unethical self-publishing practices. A person gives important time from his or her life to read your book completely, bring out highs and lows, ups and downs and other important points to the readers who might be interested in the genre, style or theme of the book. Is it not a deed enough to be called a profession? Why so much hatred and disrespect for this profession and the professionals who practise it that an author instantly attacks – you do paid reviews? No, authors, we don’t do paid reviews like you got your book published by paying the publisher. We charge a fee for our dedicated job, reading the book and writing about it so that readers know about your existence.

Reading a book takes time, effort and a piece of your mind too. Professional reviewers do it carefully, passionately and also for money because this is what they do all day. There is no harm in enjoying your work and making money out of it. People play football and make money. People sing and make money. People write and make money. Why having issues with those who read to make money? This mindset needs to change and authors, please learn how to respect those readers who actually read your book carefully – they do help by making things appear that the readers would like to know exist in a book. So, next time you discuss a review with a professional book blogger, do keep in mind that you are talking to a passionate professional. Respect.


Written by Gunjan for Literature News