Chanakya of the 1990s by Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi is far superior than Game of Thrones!

The question is – who cares about Indian cinema and arts these days? We watch movies on Netflix and there are hundreds of mini-netflixes in India offering nudity, soft-porn and even blue films in the guise of web series. It would be more than touch and almost impossible to expect the present generation to take interest in the serials and movies made in the 1990s. No one will. However, if you can and care to watch the era of the bygone, do watch Chanakya by Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi and I am sure you will forget any modern drama series that depicts a battle for the kingdom – even Game of Thrones.

Though my claim might seem inappropriate and might shackle the expectations of many, I am not saying it just to say so. I have recently watched Chanakya and have totally been observed in the drama created by Dr Dwivedi. His language, dialogue delivery, selection of characters and entire set-up, might seem outdated, delivers great entertainment to the viewers like me. A game for the Kingdoms, not only a throne, a drama that features our great history and a visual representation of iron-will, the intelligence of Gods and the wars of an unforgettable rank.

Chanakya could be built with modern techniques, cinematography, resources and money, of course. Persuade a rich producer, get a talented director, get on board highly talented actors and actresses and put Dr Dwivedi at the centre of everything. I am sure he will deliver something that no one will forget and the world will rejoice at the great episodes of Indian history that we have almost forgotten. Chanakya, single-handedly, forced the army of Alexander on the backfoot and made the great Indian states bow down in front of him. He shackled the foundations of many kingdoms with his wit and will and defaced them to the soil to regenerate kingdoms with justice and values at the core. He popularised many ‘sutras’ or ‘mantras’ for almost everyone in society and tried to give the best version that one could achieve. However, after all, who cares?

Effaced, forgotten, subdued and harassed – this has been the fate of our glorious past at the hands of historians and movie-makers who only care for a certain ideology and more and more money. However, there are sparks of greatness that we get to witness and the same was Ramayana by Sagar group and Mahabharata by B R Chopra… Chanakya by Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi, I will rate it in the same league. Dr Dwivedi is coming with Prithviraj and I can be sure that it will be a great addition to the visual representation of our great history and glory!


By Ashish for Literature News

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  • Chanakya by Dr Chandarpraksh Dwidedi is one of my favourites TV shows. The language is exalted and the acting as well. However, our prejudice stops us and publicly saying about the show. We love to announce in public that I have watched all the episodes of GOT in one day. Moreover, Chankya was not about a single throne rather he has built the entire nation. This is a far better political series than GOT.