Shakespeare and his teachings for a timeless society

Shakespeare and his timeless teachings for a forever society

Shakespeare – this is not only a name but a massive force within itself! Shakespeare and Shakespeare’s are timeless, classics, forever, evergreen, ever fresh and what not. Whatever may come, a reader will always find Shakespeare amazing, wonderful, a class apart, striving and also amusing and enlightening. He knew the secret ingredient (not of Panda’s) to make things happen the best way. We are digging into Shakespeare’s treasure-house once again and see what we can find for our readers to serve them a fresh dish from our Shakespeare’s menu.

So, here we go. Let’s look at these eternal knowledge points which Shakespeare offered to us. And we believe these will ever be there – ready to fit into any social context anytime. That’s why we say that Shakespeare is for every society, every country and every period!

1. Love is always greater than its dismal form – lust! Do you remember the famous line from Venus and Adonis? Please give your mind a space to remember and you will be surprised once you focus on the rhetorical beauty of the lines!

2. Lack of decisiveness always lands us in troubles and further troubles if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Remember Hamlet’s dilemma? If the answer is yes, you have got the key to this information.

3. Doubt in domestic relationships, conjugal or other forms, are always fatal. We should always look for the serpents who are poisoning our minds. Othello… and you must remember the tragedy that poor Desdemona met.

4. Ambition is good but a vicious ambition is always fatal. It can take lives and it can risk one’s life as well. We have to remember the legendary warrior Macbeth and his end. His ambition was not fueled by good things but rather very evil inspirations. And in any society, evil ambitions aren’t accepted!

5. Wealth is not everything. It is just a part of our life, not our life is a part of our wealth usurping practices. A student who has been through the classic work As You Like It must remember the pleasure that the banished Duke had in the forest of Eden! In today’s’ world also, when people are so lunatic for the sake of a ‘few extra dollars’, we must remember the teachings that Saint Shakespeare has left for us. Let’s enjoy life with the money we have. Let’s not destroy our lives for the money that we haven’t!

6. Love can win the hearts as well as settle the long battles! This is the philosophy which nears the tragic end of two ‘star-crossed lovers’ who could not unite in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Love is always thought as the sacrosanct of the things we have as human beings. It has the capacity to steal the animosity between people and change it to mutual understanding and friendliness.

Rest of the sermons by Shakespeare will be brought to you some other time. He is always there among us. We just need to flip the pages and see what he has said a long time ago and the things he said are still very much valid. Shakespeare was certainly a gem for the literature and we must celebrate the light that this gem has always offered to us from the fixed point. Hail Shakespeare!

By a Literature News staff