5 Most controversial non-fiction books that you must read

5 must read controversial non-fiction books

List: 5 Most controversial non-fiction books that you must read 

Controversy and literature have always gone hand in hand. At times, it is there to give the book a kickstart. Unless there is a controversy, the book might not get the desired buzz. However, at times, controversy follows a book just because the book is very critical about parties, individuals or a society. The persons who are behind engineering the controversy are mostly in dilemma themselves. They don’t know, often, what to criticise or even don’t read the book themselves. They rely on rumours, misinformation and confusions. Their only goal to create a controversy. At times, the controversy is spontaneous and most of the times, it is engineered by the author or by the publisher to pour fuel into the fire. Today, I am listing 5 controversial non-fiction books that you must read as you must be restless these days. With no permission to hit the streets or visit friends and families, books are the best way to spend time productively. And in such conditions, I hope these books will be helpful. 

Let Me Say it Now by Rakesh Maria: You must have heard about this book if you follow news and politics in India ardently. The book raises some serious episodes of the past and reveals the truth that could not come out from behind the layer of lies. In his autobiographical book, Rakesh Maria, former commissioner of Mumbai, reveals that the 26/11 attack on Mumbai was a conspiracy to defame RSS and establish the theory of Hindu terror. However, as Ajmal Kasab’s arrest could happen and he accepted what he had to accept, the sinister and heinous plot, of course politically motivated, could not succeed. He also throws light on some of the most important cases that he worked on and important events of his life. You will enjoy this book as it is not only well-written but also comes with controversies added as ingredients. You can buy the Kindle copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjay Baru: Sanjay Baru was a very important, prominent and key person involved in the making of Man Mohan Singh in his first tenure as the PM of India, 2004-09. Sanjay was the media adviser of MMS and he knew him in details, his details in details and his works in details. The controversy was huge when this book hit the book market amidst the heated atmosphere of the 2014 general elections in India. However, in this book, Baru has categorically presented how the Government supposedly run by Man Mohan Singh was not at all controlled by him. It was, not very surprisingly, Sonia Gandhi who ran the government as the Chairman of NAC (National Advisory Council) which looked after the government… and that is why the book created a buzz in the political corridors. You can read this book by getting a Kindle copy from Amazon India right away and witness the making and unmaking of Man Mohan Singh.

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Why I Killed Gandhi by Nathuram Godse: Though the book was written by Nathuram Godse’s brother, Gopal Godse, it contains original statements made by Nathuram himself. The book is largely about the life and events related to Nathuram Godse and also contains his post-imprisonment statements on why did he kill Gandhi. This is a very controversial book which faced a blanket ban for many decades after its first publication. However, reading it might offer the readers further inside into the most shocking assassination of the 20th-century. You can get a copy of the ebook on a very special price by clicking the Amazon link below:

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The Red Sari by Javier Moro: One of the most controversial books of the previous century, which was muzzled down heavily by the Congress family, the book chronicles the life of Sonia Maino, now Sonia Gandhi. The author narrates, with information collected from the most trusted sources, how Sonia Maino became Sonia Gandhi and also became a leader that almost led the country… you will have many things to know about Sonia Gandhi if you read this book. Get a copy from Amazon India: 

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Manusmriti: (Translated by Dr Ramchandra Verma Shashtri) This is, perhaps, one of the most-hated books by contemporary and pseudo-intellectual scholars. The most ironical thing about this hatred is that no one even cares to read it. Unless you read a book, how can you come to a conclusion? This book is supposed to be a code of conduct which applied to the ancient Hindu society. Yes, there are a few shlokas in the book that cannot be applied in today’s social context. However, there are many things that readers will appreciate most certainly. Nevertheless, whether you appreciate it or rate it high should be up to your personal observation of the book’s content. Therefore, grab a Kindle copy and read it now. It’s on offer as well. 

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Guys, this was my list for the day and believe me, no one would have dared to include the books that I included. However, writing should not be based on fears and preoccupations. I am here to make sure that you get authentic views and unbiased opinions. Read all the books on the list above and delimit your horizon of knowledge. All the best! 

by a contributor for Literature News