More than books – novels that will make you think, amaze you and (also) entertain you! A 2021-end list

5 Novels to make your year-end reading list perfect!

Reading is, perhaps, one hello of an activity that never bores me. Whether it’s preparing for an examination or enjoying the weekend, reading is something that I will always keep on the top of my to-do lists any day! What about you? Do you love reading? You love reading, and that is why you are here. So, without going here and there, let’s get straight into the main event – novels that I have picked up for the year-end of 2021. And believe me, these novels will offer you more than you may expect from a fictional work. 

Vanity Fair by William Thackeray: Many will laugh, and many will abuse me for this. True. This novel is not on the list of many contemporary readers. The novel is no more contemporary as well. However, if you are a reader with seriousness and patience, Vanity Fair will certainly prove itself as your genuine companion for a few weeks. The novel is voluminous. Many pages, many characters, many twists in the storyline and many inputs by the novelist himself make the readers feel awed and suppressed, at times. However, once you reach the conclusion, you are left with many things to ponder, many ideas to consider and many realities to digest. It’s almost a challenge for the readers of the day. Are you ready? Get the novel today from Amazon India: Buy the novel – click here

The Asht Yogis by Ravi Ranjan Goswami: Relatively too new compared to the previous one on this list, The Asht Yogis will be a familiar and yet very interesting one to read for the Indian readers. Moreover, to readers outside India, the novel will reveal many traditions and ancient secrets and their contemporary relevance. Ravi Ranjan Goswami is a veteran author and he has written many novels, short stories collections. The Asht Yogis and many others of his works are written in Hindi as well as in English to ensure a wider audience enjoy them. What’s looming as a danger in India? How will a team of eight Siddha Yogis avert that danger? How will they defeat the bad fortune? The novel takes many interesting turns and it will keep the readers excited. Add this one to your plans of year-end read and enjoy! Get a copy here: click to buy from Amazon India 

The Vault of Vishnu by Ashwin Sanghi: Ashwin Sanghi has a reputation of keeping his readers excited, perplexed and tied to the plot. And he does not disappoint his readers in this novel as well. The Vault of Vishnu will fuse different storylines together to offer a cinematic development to the audience and prepare for a fitting conclusion at the end to justly dispose of the excitement that continues throughout the novel. You cannot wait much to read this novel once you read the first few pages. Enjoy! Get the novel from Amazon India – click here to buy it now

Ready for some truly perplexing challenge? Well, I will offer you that as well. Try reading these novels without being sorry for yourself and you will accept what I predicted. The novel mentioned below is a seminal work (for many and I don’t know what exactly excited them this much) and I have struggled all my years as a reader veering through the plot (if there is (any). Will you help me, please? 

How It Is by Samuel Beckett: Samuel Beckett’s reputation lies in being absurd. The more obscure he pretends to be, the more his audience claps. I have done it too. How It Is is a novel and is more absurd compared to his dramas like Waiting for Godot and others. No punctuation, no matter, no content and nothing but many things happen all along. My challenge to you – finish it and offer your interpretation here. Get a copy now – buy How It Is from Amazon now

And something interesting with seriousness at the end – V. S. Naipaul’s mastery over race, religious issues, identity crisis and humanity! Do enjoy the last but not the least novel on this list. 

Half a Life by V. S. Naipaul: Naipaul, a Nobel Prize winner for literature in 2001 for his contributions to Literature, is a novelist and a versatile literary figure who always remain conscious of his roots and tried his best to portray whatever he felt he should do. Half a Life is a novel that will render into a serious series of events in the life of a certain Willie Somerset Chandran who is the son to a Brahmin father and a Dalit mother… rather perturbed by his identity, he fakes his life for a certain period of time before realising his failure in accepting his true being. The novel will have emotional but protracted episodes that will entertain the readers as well as test their patience. Do enjoy this masterpiece. Buy the novel from Amazon – click here

All the best for your reading spree! 


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