Best Bedtime books you will love reading! A list

Best bedtime books that you must read literature news

Have you ever thought of books as your bedtime partner? They have magic within! They can even caress you and lull you to sleep. No matter how hectic was your day at the office or how much tired you are after finishing your household chores, a good book can instantly soothe your nerves, make you wind down and can push you to sleep faster. What else you want? Besides, a good book offers the dual opportunity of getting better night sleep and in the process, you may learn something too. Why not give it a try? But here the questions is – what kind of books should we read before we go to bed? A mystery thriller probably won’t solve the purpose as it would stay you up until you resolve the mystery. A fantasy novel may take you to its own world and can leave you awake all night. But, it may very reader to reader. So, it could be fact, mindless fiction, motivational dose, thriller bomb or pure junk. As long as it is interesting to you and doesn’t raise your heartbeat is what matters? We have taken out five pearls of books from the literary ocean which you may want to make your bedtime partner.

Far from the Madding Crowd: A classic literary treat and a big hit of Thomas Hardy is also great bedtime prose, with a slight dose of dramatic tension, occasional flashes of humour and slowly unfolding romance. Bathsheba Everdene is bold, independent and high-spirited who has a choice of three possible suitors but her one unreflective decision creates multiple breakers on the smooth roads of her life. How will she manage to deal with them? Set in a rural idyll, the book takes you to a tour of a peaceful and relaxing world of Wessex.

A Room of One’s Own: A short book, compiled of series of lectures presented by Virginia Woolf, at the Cambridge University, on literal and figurative space for women’s writers within a literary tradition dominated by men. A Room of One’ Own resonates the suppressed voices of women and states that art cannot be in the fetters of gender biases and women should be given the freedom to express her views and opinion through poetry, literature, painting or music. If feminism is the genre you love, this book will indeed bring some contentment and relaxation for you before you drift off to sleep.

The Guide: A collective dose of humour, emotions, empathy, sympathy and reflection by R K Narayan makes The Guide as your perfect slumber time mate. The book centres on a tourist guide Raju whose animated behaviour and strong communication skills gain him huge popularity. He later plays the role of a lover and a manager of Rosie. Then what ensued that he becomes a Spiritual Guru. This simple, charming, light-hearted title will help curtail your stress so you can hit your pillow and sleep peacefully.

The Tailor’s Needle: A multi-cultured, multi-genre title by Prof. Lakshami Raj Sharma is an overwhelming literary read for all the literary fans. It matched Set in the early part of the 20th century, the story presents a true picture of pre-independence India and divided into many sub-plots. Each plot has its own uniqueness and excitements. The Tailor’s Needle is not just a story of a Brahmin family, but a revolution against discrimination as a whole. If you prefer to get into the abyss of Indian history before sleep, then this book is for you. History with mystery and emotions!

Collected Poems, 1909-1962: T.S Eliot’s Poems are generally relaxing as it dissuades all other thoughts that keep you up at night and fills your mind with nothingness. His every poem has its own tinge of sorrow and joy. And Collected Poems, 1909-1962 by T.S. Eliot could be an effective Mantra to invite peaceful sleep. A prodigious collection of classical and lyrical poems, filled with vivid imageries, penetrates your soul and takes you in the world of stillness and dreams.


I hope that these books will comfort you in the nights of the days that we have been spending, recently, in anticipation of a better and secure future. You can buy some of these books or all of these from Amazon India by clicking the link below. Make sure Amazon is delivering to your place before you buy a physical copy or you can get the digital versions to read on your phone, laptop and Kindle devices.

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Article by Nidhi Parikh for Literature News