A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review

A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan book review literature news

Neil David Chan’s book, A Higher Conversation, is not an ordinary spiritual book. It is also not just any book that you can read and feel energised, positively charged and curious enough to do something better in life. A Higher Conversation is an out and out metaphysical book but with certain qualities that make it practical, appreciable and also, in a way, rather readable and appreciable even by the common readers. To extend the argument, a reader who is not essentially into spiritual readings can also enjoy this book – a young reader, an old reader, a homemaker, a working professional – anyone will find, in this book, many things that are embedded which will inspire them to think in a certain direction. Can we talk to a soul? Can I discuss things with my own soul? Can I find the harmony between my mind, body and soul?

“Choose life to celebrate. See through the illusion of death.”

There are 11 chapters in this book by Neil. And all these chapters deal with wonderful thoughts, imaginations, ideas, process and questions-answers that we often want to discuss but cannot… because of many reasons and lack of awareness or an answering-authority being absent being the major one. In this book, Neil asks many questions to his own soul, on our behalf, and believe me when I say this, you will certainly like reading those answers that Neil’s inner self offers. The clarity and newness in those thoughts, the way of putting forth wonderful ideas, the ease with which the arguments are extended one after another… everything about this grand discourse between the author and his soul is wonderful.

Neil has discussed many things in his book that many others could not have discussed so openly, in today’s environment. For example, the author does not shy away from discussing why racism is a human construct. He writes:

“Color is a human thing. It’s a physicality. Judgment made on color is also a human thing, born from a lack of understanding.”

The book also celebrates the ancient ideas that were meant to be memorised and lived by people around the world. For example, Hinduism has always been about the philosophies of co-existence and looking at the world as a family. And the same thing is proposed by Neil in very straightforward words:

“When one day we understand that it’s the larger family that counts, from that day onward, our smaller family will live in peace and joy. Until then, the struggle between what we want and what we really need will continue to grow.”

Later on, with emphasis on Yoga and the need for it in order to understand the inner self rather than merely using it as exercise has truly energised the worth of this book. The author’s perspectives are new, almost peculiar and also very systematic. Neil doesn’t only talk or puts forth his one-sided opinions. He gives the reasons to the readers to believe his words and you will see it when he discusses the nuances of humanity, global concerns at this point, and many other elements that need to be discussed for the larger benefits of human society today.

I will not put this book by Neil, A Higher Conversation, in any particular bracket. You can read it as a spiritual book, as a self-help book, as a tool for self-awareness and even as a philosophical book that enlightens you about your own being and its purpose. The book has been appreciated by readers and scholars as well as critics. Indian readers, in particular, will connect with many ideas in the book as they come from very much Indian texts and contexts. Do get a copy and enjoy it!

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A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review
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There are many interesting things in the book that you can learn… enjoy and appreciate at the same time. Neil has brought the dawn of this wisdom upon himself by studying many cultures and religious philosophies. He talks to his own soul and shares the experience with us all… do read the book!