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An Apology for Shakespeare Book Review

An Apology for Shakespeare is a modern anthology of poetry which signifies more than it just connotes physically through text and verse. This is a modern attempt at defending poetry in the materialistic world which has lost the taste (the poet suggests so) in poetry and mostly in other genuine forms of arts. The poet S A Joseph wonderfully describes the disillusionment that this world is going through and how it has mistaken Lucifer for God and offers homage to him only. In defending poetry and challenging even God, his poetry is at the apex. Simple words and simple yet genuine thoughts showing concern and even warning at some stages, the poetry used in the book An Apology for Shakespeare is remarkable! For example:

“See thou my master,
My faded heart
Filled with despair.
Its real colour
No doubt almost suspended.”

In these lines, you can easily see the metaphors being used by the poet and how these substitute very well the icons. S A Joseph has shown a kind of mirror to the society which has indeed become callous towards the higher forms of arts which were once respected by all.

Readers and critics have praised the art of poetry and conviction with which the poet has composed his poems throughout the collection. No doubt that his personal comprehension should necessarily match the comprehension of others, readers and critics included. Nevertheless, the nearest outcome collectively is the thing that we look for as reviewers and critical readers and that is, worthy to be mentioned, very praiseworthy! We all should agree that poetry has not been so today; various forms of art have not been the same what they used to be; the world has changed dramatically; we have become more and more artificial in our outlook and even in our attitude. It seems that we don’t think in a certain way and rather we are conditioned to think in that way.

All these facts are wonderfully captured by the poet S A Joseph in his collection An Apology for Shakespeare. Blessed with praise by the great poet and saint and a philosopher, Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati, An Apology for Shakespeare has received praises and appreciations.

To conclude, I will surely say that the poet’s work is commendable and his cause is noble. Readers who are enthusiastic about reading modern and yet meaningful and purposeful poetry should surely go through the poems of S A Joseph. You can buy the book by clicking the Amazon link below:


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An Apology for Shakespeare - Reviewed
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Enthusiasts who love reading modern poetry MUST go for this book An Apology for Shakespeare as it uncovers the dimensions which we often wish to know…