Centripetal by Rohit Shukla – Book Review

Centripetal by Rohit Shukla book review

Young novelists are proving their talent with works that are distinct, unconventional and comfortably standing out among many works of fiction published every month in India. While there is a lot that’s following those who have already become famous with works in the (sizzling) romance and myth genres, there are the novelists who hold on to their individuality and try to offer unique, new and original content to their readers. Rohit Shukla is one such name who has authored a novel (in the style of a play) titled Centripetal… a novel that utilises various theories, unique style and unconventional plot to offer the readers an experience they will seldom forget.

Centripetal is about the past. The deeds (whether good or bad) do come back to please or hound us. The same happens with a certain character in the novel who has committed serious mistakes and wrongdoings in the past. In addition, the novel also develops a love story that is tested on the altar of separation and two lovers have to face it for many days before they finally get to see each other – at the cost of several things that shapes the novel’s storyline.

Identity, Karma, beliefs, fate, determination, absurdity… there are many concepts that a conscious reader might expect to encounter in this novel by Rohit Shukla. The author has given the readers various routes to reach their own conclusions and rightly so. Many novels want the readers to stick to one certain like of thinking and this is not good for those who want to participate in the process of novel reading, actively. The novel has a limited number of pages and it’s not bulky. However, if you expect something that goes on smoothly and you don’t have to exert your own intellect to unfold the happenings in the book, you might have many surprises on the way. Rohit has let his characters unfold, almost naturally, and take their fate into their own hands. You will feel the same.

The language used in the novel is sometimes crude, abusive and localised. However, that is perfectly understood because you will have to accept that the author has tried to shape his characters in the soil of the place where they belong. In English, I have seldom read such novels that honour their characters and their characteristics. Rohit has tried something new in Centripetal and it is indeed joyful. I believe that the readers will have too many things to enjoy as they read this novel.

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Centripetal by Rohit Shukla – Book Review
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Centripetal by Rohit Shukla is an experimental novel if I can put it this way. The novel will give many surprises to the readers as it progresses and the conclusion will not feel so conclusive. Mysterious and unending…