Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review

Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy Jayaram Rajaram book review literature news

Jayaram Rajram’s book on ‘investments in various asset classes,’ is not a new phenomenon per se – a book on financial management and gains is usual and keeps happening from time to time. However, Jayaram’s book offers minimum or negligible data, numerics and statistics. It offers examples, screenshots, ideas, calculations and dreams that we all love to have when we are wide awake. Isn’t that different? Isn’t a book on investments without data and numbers exciting? You will get to know the details once you read this book. Let me give you the basics out of this and you can take things further by getting a copy from Amazon and reading it to the end, to page 131.

The title sells you a dream – Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy. The content tells you how you can achieve such a dream by investing your money wisely. For example, the author starts with his argument against buying a house or a flat and suggests investing in plots of land. The suggestion might seem a dream-killer for many in the beginning but the meaningful idea strikes the right chord very soon. Another blow comes right after the first, don’t keep money in FDs or other savings forms. You should rather invest in some beneficial stock and you can reap more benefits compared to the ideal savings options. This idea also settles nicely in the mind. I agree. 

Now, the meat of the book is in some tools and ideas that Jayaram Rajaram, the author, offers his readers. He discusses the best practices while picking up the stocks to invest in. He shares the tools and strategies that he employs while picking up stocks for his portfolio. Here, you will be getting a very different scenario than the one you might have imagined such a book will offer you. Jayaram talks about scope, history, area of innovations, potential and futuristic demands. You can pick a company that has the potential to boom in the coming years. You should also pick sister companies on which larger companies rely for their chores. He gives an example of a company that takes care of the telecom towers across the country… and that’s a major advantage – knowing about a company that has to boom irrespective of the telecom giants fate in the future. 

Technically speaking, the book is easy to read and very simple in terms of thoughts and analogies, calculations and ideas to understand. Anyone who wants insight into investment and its impact in the coming years can easily get the best out of this book. Yes, it is also noticeable that no book on investment can be perfect. This one ignores the data and numbers deliberately and thus misses on those things. However, any hardcore investor would love to see the same.

The book also offers valuable insights into investing in land, office space, warehouses and other infrastructure. Debts, gold bonds, angel investment into startups, investing in private limited companies, investing in agricultural land and so on… this book with a little above 100 pages offers many things to anyone with capital and a dream to multiply the same. You can further understand the ideas and inputs Jayaram has to offer by getting a copy of Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy! Get a copy from Amazon India. Click below:  

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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review
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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram offers valuable inputs for anyone with a dream and capital to invest.