Dewdrop and Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan – Book Review

Dewdrop and Banyan Tree Book Review Literature News

Ramachandran Rajasekharan’s debut poetry collection, with the translated poems of his parents also, Dewdrop and Banyan Tree, has kept me engaged for a day. I just finished it, and I could not resist writing this book review instantly. I am usually not so enthusiastic about contemporary literary works. However, it was an entirely different experience! The poet, a little over 60, has composed poems that will instantly attract the attention of any reader. There are fifty poems in the collection. The themes vary from personal to universal, momentary to permanent, random thoughts to precise posturing, almost uniform in length, not more than a page. Moreover, the poet has exhibited a focused mindset that is busy creating substance rather than a lyrical impact. These things make Dewdrops and Banyan Tree a serious poetry collection that will help the readers spend a few hours contemplating life, away from life. 

I am an admirer of serious poetry. And I always look for substance, themes and the treatment of ideas. As soon as I began reading Ramachandran Rajasekharan’s collection of poems, it did not take too much time to realise that the poet might be publishing for the first time but his understanding of poetry is way beyond the youthful rhythms of love and symphony of attraction. You can read the very first poem in the collection that the poet has written in the memory of his mother. Krishna’s ardent devotee is mingling herself with the process of adulation. Any reader will instantly connect with the essence. 

The second poem sings of a life worth living with the imagery that presents a pleasant conversation between Dewdrop and the Banyan tree. This poem is an English adaptation of the poem poet’s mother wrote in Malayalam. A few poems take us back into the nostalgia, reminding us of childhood and peaceful, careless pursuit of happiness. First Time has an impressive concept, a quick execution and a lasting impact. 

“There will always be a first time

tea will warm you up 

death is always ahead.”

The title Small Joys of Life sums up the essence of this poetry collection to an extent. Ramachandran Rajasekharan is enjoying the pursuit of poetry. He writes about various themes, many different ideas, and anything that cheers him up. However, the poet is not subordinate to this pursuit. He has all the responsibilities as a poet in his mind. The poet does not disappoint in discharging his duties while enjoying his role as a poet. 

I will not give it any second thought. I am recommending this poetry collection to the admirers of poetry. If you are already in love with serious poetry, you will appreciate the work of this experienced poet. If you are beginning to admire serious poetry, it will be a good stepping stone in the form of this book. Ramachandran Rajasekharan has worked well in bringing out this beautiful collection of 50 poems. Let’s appreciate his art! 

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Dewdrop and Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan – Book Review
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Dewdrop and Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan is a poetry collection having fifty poems. It will take you to your childhood, in the near future and transport you into an uncertain land of joy for a few hours. Poetry writing at its best!