Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Book Review

Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky book review literature news

So, guys, I am here again with a new book review for you. This time also it is about the Children’s book – Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky. It is a poetry collection. Simple, sweet and stunning. I don’t know why but I am getting more and more fascinated about the books that are meant for children. The perspectives they put before you and the imaginative world they take you in is absolutely mind-boggling.

There is another reason for this inclination. When I was a kid, I rarely got the opportunity to read books. Or I should put it in this way that I hardly liked books. I never tried to befriend them. And that’s the reason, I always maintained a distance from them. I only used to read textbooks, that too forcibly. However, sometimes, I used to actually steal books from the library and from the kids who stayed next door to me. Just to show my parents that I read books. This used to give immense satisfaction that their child is a reader. Funny, isn’t it! And seeing me reading books, they got me many books. I used to keep them on a small shelf and never opened that shelf. Anyways…Now I am an avid reader and read varieties of books written by different authors on varied themes. But, I feel kids’ books are stunning. They are away from contemporary nonsense and any sexual fillers. They make you laugh, make you think, make you feel and take your breath away. And when it comes to rhythmic, rhyming and lyrical verse then it multifold your experience and excitement. 

Helo Baby Walrus is a sweet collection of poetry for children. The verses in this book are really cute but if you read them carefully you would find that they have a deep sense and logic too. I must say that authors like Tversky put so much effort to make the content funny as well as informative so that kids can enjoy and learn at the same time. The verses in this collection show vividity in themes and range from animals to nature, war to peace, arguments to agreements, insecurity to contentment. These poems will surely take the readers on journeys, give you adventures and wild imaginings of fun.

Mostly, animals are the heroes of each poem. You would find them dancing, singing, talking on the phone, going to parties, befriending human beings. These acts and moves of the animal heroes will surely give giggles to children. Simultaneously, it gives a strong message to the readers that we need to be nice, gentle and caring towards animals. They are not the enemies that we need to be afraid of them. They too seek our concern and attention. So, be kind and loving with them and they will give you the same in return.

Another aspect of this book that I truly appreciate is that the author has been really descriptive about his poems. He has not only used simple words and an easy tone to convey the essence of the verse but added high-quality illustrations with every poem too so as to fill colours to his explanation. This would help children be motivated throughout. Also, they will better understand the meaning each poem is trying to say.

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Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky – Book Review
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Help Baby Walrus by Ilia Tversky is a poetry collection that kids will like. Images and poetry combine to create a fun-filled atmosphere for children and also educate them of interesting imaginations.