I am a Rockstar: An expert guide to success by Uma Vanka: Book Review

I am a rockstar an exert guide to success uma vanka review

Book: I AM A ROCKSTAR: An expert guide to success
Author: Uma Vanka
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Pages: 198
Book Reviewer: Amit for Literature News

First of all, let me make it clear to you all that Uma Vanka’s debut business motivational book might not be found to be conventional or the usual self-help guide to many readers. However, this is what makes I AM A ROCKSTAR different and also useful. Uma’s unconventional approach to the task at hand and his dealing of the theme, success, inspiration, positive attitude and style of work, are amazing. So, with all these things in mind, let me take you into the book with brief details of the most positive aspects as well as the downsides or the areas which might need a little more focus from the author.

The very first thing that must strike the readers is that the book is primarily based upon the personal experiences and practical analysis of the author himself. He does not relate his words (and eventually thoughts, suggestions or implications) to the things which he did not personally experience or does not know about. Uma relates the themes of his chapters in this book only to the events of his life which he lived and experienced himself, and so, he is talking about his first-hand experiences, mistakes, achievements and success or failures. What does it suggest? The first and the most important thing that comes to my mind is that we can only be stirred by the things which have some actuality or reality or ground for our trust. Uma’s book comes out on the basis of his experiences and this adds validity to whatever he says!

“Leadership is an art facilitated by science.”

And many things like the above-mentioned statement often occur in the book. Uma has kept it simple and viable. He does not tend to make things look either complicated or fabricated so that the readers might lose interest and take the book in the league of the same inspirational books which often lead you to the understanding that there are many things ‘beyond yourself’ that cannot be done. I AM A ROCKSTAR tells you the things that you can do and achieve rather than telling you about the things you cannot do. He talks about the approach, the attitude, the faith one has to put in oneself and the things that one needs to do in order to achieve the goals. In short, he begins right at recognising your goals, finding the means and executing the ideas.

This book has many things which might lead you to know what you want and also finding the best ways to do it. Moreover, the book has also many other things that most of the books in this genre lack. Uma suggests that we should celebrate criticism rather than sitting idle and doing nothing over it. He tells that communication is a very important aspect of professional life. He tells the readers that they might fall but never fail… everything about the book seems right and motivates the readers to get to the last page and know what they might do to become the rockstar. However, there is one thing that needs to be discussed and told to the audience who might be interested in the book. If you are an Indian, you will find too many examples which will directly entice you because the author has shared them in such a way that it relates to Indians naturally. However, a few examples from the corporate and otherwise come directly with an American tone about those and this might be the same as reading an American author. Uma has spent almost two decades of his life in the USA and you will find the same reflected in his work at times.

On the critical side, the book might seem a monologue when you find a chapter extending to the length to being a simple experience narrative where the author is continuing the tale about his life and that’s it. The motivation or the experience part comes into play very late and this might confuse the readers at times. If Uma comes up with the next version of the same book, he might have to take this into notice. Too much information, as the author tells himself, might ruin the exact motive of the book. The first-hand experience is certainly the best way to tell the readers what to do and what to avoid, however, making it a non-fictional autobiography might be like taking it to a whole new dimension.

Technically, the language is very simple, persuasive and in a way that it should have been. Themes are properly handled and reflected upon in his work. He talks in a corporate language when necessary and keeps it simple when required. If you are into business, you will find his advice proper and workable. If you are thinking about getting into the business or some professional circle, you will find Uma’s advice practical and stirring. If you are just youth who is into the academic study and just trying to understand what the world ahead might bring for you, you can read this book as an introductory textbook written by someone who has experienced it all…

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Review by Amit for Literature News

I am a Rockstar: An expert guide to success by Uma Vanka: Book Review
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This is a wonderful book because it originates from sharing rather than dictating… the author is sharing what should be done in order to achieve what someone wants and his area, mainly, is the corporate achievement!