India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time by Savitha Rao – Book Review

India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao book review non-fiction

Savitha Rao, the founder of India Positive Citizen and also the writer of this book, India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time, writes this in her preface to the book and I found no better way to begin this review than mentioning this section:

“This isn’t a book you just read. You read, reflect and translate it into inspired action. You co-author your personal vision for India and work towards bringing it to life with your actions. Your actions will impact lives and inspire your fellow citizens.”

India Positive is a book that helps you realise your true potential as a responsible citizen of India and constantly reminds you of what you can do rather than complaining about others’ inactivity. The author has not only been very simple and measured with her words but also very precise in terms of conveying the ideas. If she thought, she could also have written a thesis about the negligence of government officials and politicians towards their duties and works. However, the author decided to talk to the citizens of India who badly want to see positive changes around them. Savitha Rao asks the readers what they can do – in a day, in a week or in a month.

The author has given many examples of people doing their bit to make our country better, day by day, inch by inch. One particular example that I would like to mention here is the work for cows done by Sudevi Mataji, the assumed name for Friederike Irina Bruning from Berlin, who decided to stay in India to help stray cows. Savitha writes:

“Friederike Irina Bruning landed in Mathura, India, from Berlin in 1978 as a tourist. Her way of life is highly influenced by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, traditions and the temples in India. The suffering of the stray cows moved her and hence she decided to stay back and care for them. She started Radha Surabhi Gaushala Niketan in Radhakund in 1996.”

If a foreigner can understand the importance of our animals, our motherland and our culture, why cannot we! And it is very productive that the author has decided to include a list of possible steps that we can take to make things around us better for everyone, including animals, birds and human beings. The book is not only about a few people doing their bit and getting their names listed but about encouraging everyone with very small contributions that they can make in order to make our country better and better. So, the author rightly points out that a reader who reads this book becomes the co-author of a better India.

Savitha has mentioned the stories of business houses, entrepreneurs, sellers, vendors, individuals, and simply people from various walks of life who are contributing every day to make India better. And when we think of better India, our thinking should go beyond thoughts and we must try to translate our plans and ideas into actions – this is the important message that the book has been very successful in conveying and I must say that the readers will not only like reading it but they will also understand that their contribution, howsoever small or big, can make wonderful differences in the lives of many Indians. Are you ready? Are you ready to take Savitha Rao’s challenge of planning your bit for India and writing down your actions? Get a copy and find your motivation now! You can buy an Ebook or a paperback copy from Amazon India and learn about the Indians who are becoming the agents of change. You can join them to make a better country by your deeds.

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Review by Amit for Literature News

India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time by Savitha Rao – Book Review
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A wonderful book that goes beyond being a mere idea… you will be stirred to do good to others in order to make a country that you can find becoming better and better every day! Let’s come together for our India – this is what Savitha Rao says in her book India Positive Citizen.


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