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I recently read Jestus, a novel by V S Sury – an experienced but a new person in the field of literary pursuits. However, I have read this novel after reading the sequel, Jestus on Rampage and so, I was surprised that even reading backwards can be fun at times! Jestus is a mind-boggling tale of a person who is almost impossible – his existence is very much doubtful as a human being but he still survives and keeps the readers amused, shocked and thrilled as well as excited. How’s that even possible?

The question the readers will mostly ask to themselves is whether the novel has been a deliberate attempt or just a casual attempt at fiction writing has been summed up as a novel – well, I also had the same question and I decided reading it more than carefully. The deliberate attempt to establish the postin of hero in somewhat a different manner than the ordinary novels do, got my attention and I can surely tell it to my readers that Jestus is different – not only the person in the novel but also the novel.

Can we call it a modern classic? Well, it’s voluminous (certainly more than casual novels these days), it has something to offer and it also deploys the tools of narrative and deceiving plot. The book is all about a single man called ‘Jestus’ and he acts like both protagonist and antagonist too. Well, I am somehow reminded of Tristram from Tristram Shandy. The same appeal, psychologically! To put it in a way that Jestus could probably put it, his actions sometimes change into reactions and mingled with the emotions, end with a clumsy conclusion. Even the normal course of action which we live everyday becomes uncommon at times. The intellect and the depth of knowledge that Jestus has is incomparable to other characters around him – the narrator, probably the author himself, tells us.

However, the more you allow your mind to go into the depth of this novel, it will come up with great ideas. The selection of language, approach, vision and style by the author of Jestus is really appreciatable. This can not be put it into the basket of leisure fiction; this is more than that. Jestus can be termed as a hedonist in the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life.

So, to set the records straight, I will tell the readers with a taste for sarcasm to go through this book. Philosophy has been ridiculed to the level of waste and waste has been put to the pedestal of cosmic knowledge. Jestus possesses both and he enjoys being amidst the ideas that he likes. A rough read will it be but not without surprises that you will love to have…

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Jestus by V S Sury
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An unusual novel… it will entertain you and keep you engaged as well. You will like this novel and maybe read it twice.