The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery by Pooja Khanna, Book Review

The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna book review (1)

In this or that way, we allow expectations to dictate the story of our lives. Expectations become the benchmark of things, people or situations to be exactly as per your definition of perfection… and this misery. In her own words, Pooja Khanna writes in chapter 11 of her bestselling and very well-appreciated book, The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery:

“Expectations or the need to control situations leads to misery because it is an expression of the lower self, fueled by fear and insecurity.”

Moreover, the author does not stop just with the detection of problems associated with expectations. She offers a very easy solution, just on the next page:

“People are doing the best they can today. This is all they have to give, and that is enough.”

And this is the way the entire book pans out. The author has dealt with issues that relate to our life (directly), zoomed their impact on our well-being and tried to offer the best, the easiest and the possible solutions that everyone can attempt and see the benefits. This one aspect of the book makes it very different from many other spiritual, self-help and well-being books by contemporary Indian authors.

The Art of Becoming Whole brings newness, a kind of ease or comfort to the readers who seek the same in literature. Reading this book does not only comfort a person with reading pleasure and emotional satisfaction but also inspires them to try to implement the suggested methods, activities or advice in day-to-day life… it helps or guides the readers towards a better world – better perspectives when one looks at things around, better responses to capricious emotional triggers, better control on mind and thoughts will certainly lead to a better future.

Pooja Khanna, the author who also has experience in guiding people towards spiritual well-being, has written this book with very appropriate examples, effective mental and verbal exercises and a very clear vision. For example, look at the sentence below and try to grasp the meaning, the intention and the impact:

“Start looking at disappointment more objectively, in a detached manner from a distance, as just another passing emotion, a moment that can pass without stealing your peace of mind and happiness.”

If you can see it, you will understand what I am trying to highlight. Ideas for well-being can certainly be conveyed conveniently and this is what the author has tried to do in this book. And therefore, I am sure that anyone who is having to pass through a rough phase in life, have to cope with bad circumstances, have to go through rejection or problems in personal relationships… anyone who is feeling something is not right will love to read this book once he or she begins.

This book shows the mirror of truth. This book communicates. This book offers ideas that can change your life. Will you have a look at these ideas? Are you open to change? Are you willing to improve? Get a copy from Amazon India right now!

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This review is written by Manish for Literature News.

The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery by Pooja Khanna, Book Review
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The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery by Pooja Khanna is a book in the spiritual genre that helps people reflect on their problems and getting out of it by following the steps provided by the author.

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  • I liked the idea that it sounds more like a practical approach to the problems of life rather than all semantics and philosophical ideas playing out on the pages. Sounds interesting to me… the review is also precise and gives out what needs to be conveyed.