Treasure Trove of Zodiacs by Tanuj Lalchandani

Treasure Trove of Zodiacs must read book review

Literature News reviews the debut book by astrologer Tanuj Lalchandani – Treasure Trove of Zodiacs. Read this review on this page and you can also buy the book from Amazon link below.

Well, it’s always lovely if you could just know the personality of the person you are dealing with. And this is not the case of a single you but almost everyone wishes if he or she could know about others who are in his or her circle and this knowing about others always helps and even rescues in some of the cases. So, how to know about others? How to predict the personality traits of the person you are dating or thinking to date? How should you determine whether your son or daughter has some traits in the personality which are common to people of a certain zodiac sign? Well, everything gets a solution in the form of a wonderful book Treasure Trove of Zodiacs by Tanuj Lalchandani. Tanuj is an astrologer and he has been practising astrology since last 16 years and his first book offers the basic insights into the personality of people. I had my hands on this book and I will offer my insights on the same.

First of all, the quality of this book, in the terms of being a book, is so good! With glossy pages and very wonderful and mesmerising artworks inside, the book is just enough to excite the readers. Treasure Trove of Zodiacs by Tanuj Lalchandani is a 176-page book which traces the personality and classifies in the terms of their preferences for opposite sex, monetary goals, friend-choice and so many other things.

Starting with Aries, the book covers all the twelve zodiac signs and offers the readers details about the people who classify within these signs. And about the accuracy of the predictions and generalisations, I can say confidently that it sits home for almost everyone. I have found myself on these pages because my personality traits match exactly with the ones being told by Tanuj Lalchandani in his debut book. For example:

“However, don’t get too relaxed if you are involved with an Aries man. Though they are extremely faithful yet they always want romance in their life. If the present relationship loses its fairy tale like charm and romance, they may wander.”

And as many Arian men I know, 97 out of 100 are like that! Moreover, Tanuj has made predictions about women also so accurate!

For interest and for some knowledge about the personality of a person based on the zodiac sign, you should read this book. This will keep you engaged and because it is so well-written and beautifully designed and carefully published, it will interest you unusually more than you might expect! Yes, the book is a little costly but that is worth it! You can keep this book for a long time with you because who knows when you fall in love again! Happy reading!

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Tanuj's Treasure Trove of Zodiacs - review
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If you are interested in zodiacs, you MUST read this book! If you are not interested in zodiacs, you must be interested in knowing what the other person is like, then also you MUST read this book!