Book Blogging: a good career choice? Tips by Alok Mishra

Book blogger career tips

Question: Is becoming a book blogger good idea today? Is book blogging interesting?

Is there a good career option in blogging? Well, you might think if you blog heavily and depend on your blogging. However, now that the YouTubers are taking the lead over native or text-only bloggers, the competition has certainly become one-sided. Consumption of visual content is higher than the consumption of written content (leaving some exceptions aside). So, what’s left for the bloggers? Hardcore readers, what about book bloggers? Are you still out there? In my thinking, just for the sake of pocket money and a few good copies of free novels, poetry books and other reading stuff, book blogging is still a very good idea for those who are interested in reading.

Question: So, I started book blogging on my simple website. I reviewed the books I had on my shelf. Now? Where do I get free books to review?

Well, you have done great! Motivating your passion into your part-time profession is a very good idea if you do it well. Now that you have started, there are many things that you can do. Start writing about the books you like (with why and why not); write about the authors you like and appreciate; write what you like about Indian literature or any other country’s literature in general… write things related to books, literature and your sense of literary things. Authors will notice you themselves. However, if you really want free books to review that quickly, please think of joining a readers’ club or something like below:

Get free paperback books in India – readers’ club

Question: I have started. I have been getting books to review. Can I become popular? Can I make more than free copies of books?

That’s the question anyone asks while starting a book blogging career. Can you get something more than free books? Can you make money? Am I right? Well, the answer is yes but that’s conditional. It depends on your expertise and your dedication that how far you can go in this field of book blogging. Becoming a book reviewer is rather easy but converting your passion into a purse is a little difficult. You will need to find a regular book reviewing cycle – you will need to put your efforts before launching and you might succeed as well. So, are you serious about making it a full-time effort? You will need professionals who can ensure you have enough books to review anytime. Try below:

Join the book bloggers’ community in India

Question: Just because someone pays me, should I be biased while reviewing a book?

Well, that depends! Do you find it good enough to tilt the bar? Because an author (often) pays for promotion rather than a negative feedback! If you think that the book is good enough and it can sell if you lure the readers with your positive feedback and highlighting the ‘good things in the book’ then you can do it easily. Otherwise, if you want to be brutally honest with your reviews, you can talk to the author at the beginning of the contract. That’d make things rather easier.

Book Bloggers enjoy the fun part of reading, the serious part of reading and also the crazy part of reading… if you want to start something really interesting, a career as a book reviewer awaits you. However, if you want to dive deep or make it your full-time career, you will need to devote your time to make yourself better and better every day!


by Alok for LN