Career options for English Literature students

career after english literature options

After studying English literature, do the students have enough of the career opportunities? Most of the students feel or think that only option the students of literature are left with is becoming a person involved in facilitating or teaching or instructing – professor, teacher or instructor. However, the students of English literature should know that there are many career options that they can choose after the completion of courses on graduation and post graduation levels. In this dilemma, they keep preparing themselves for the classical job, though lucrative, of teaching. However, there are other sectors in which they can think of making careers. Today, we will explore some of the best career options for the students of English literature.

Content Writing: In the advent of social media, digital platforms, websites and other content-oriented sectors of business, the demand for content writers has only increased. If you are an English literature graduate or postgraduate, then you are a suitable candidate for the job (prefered but not assured). Content writing, as a sector, has boomed in the recent decade. The employers always look for the candidates who have command over the concept, abstract, pitch, tone and language while preparing the content on a subject. The candidates who come with an English literature background are generally considered worthy enough to have all or most of these qualities which can easily be perfected with a few months of training and practice and corporate environment. Content writing can surely be a job to aspire for; it has good income profile as well as very attractive growth chances.

Blogging: Well, it coincides with content writing but blogging is a home-based job and the aspirants don’t have to go to any office. One can do blogging just be starting a blog and starting to write something they like and find themselves at comfort doing the same. Blogging can be done on various subjects – on cats, dogs, books, digital equipment, electronic equipment, medical ideas and so many things. As a blogger, one has to recognise and acknowledge the area of expertise and then, holding on to it is an important aspect of blogging. As a blogger, once someone generates more than 30,000 views a month, then the income starts. It is, however, a slow process.

Journalism: Today, in the age of digital and online journalism, the career has opened up for the experts who can create attractive and meaningful stories with a tone which can keep the readers interested for a longer period of time. So, generally, a good student of English literature knows the art of creating stories that spellbound the readers; are you one of those? If you have that confidence in yourself, you should try for a job in journalism sector. Once you are in, there is no looking back and you will have all the chances in the world to move ahead and get something special for you in the terms of position and income.

Branding and Public Relations: Creativity is the soul of branding and in public relations management, creativity has an important part to play. An English literature student has to undergo several creative headaches decoding the poems and stories of the great artists, as great as Shakespeare… So, it is to be believed that a student with English literature background can always think more creatively than a student with Physics background – one is about facts and figure and another is about imagination, howsoever wild! If you think you have good ideas to share with the companies which could lead them to better brand recognition, you are more than welcome to join the PR firms and digital marketing agencies as a think-tank personnel responsible for coming up with ideas for advertorials, campaigns and various other works.

So, these are the key alternate options that students of literature can explore other than being a teacher, professor or an instructor. There may be more; you can explore even those!


by an LN contributor