Old Book Market in Patna – bookers stop here!

Old book market Gandhi maidan

Dear literature lovers in Patna, how has your Sunday been? Did you get to read some good books today? Have you recently bought some interesting books? What was the last time you bought really amazing books in Patna? Well, you might be loving the bookshops that are located on Ashok Rajpath and you might well be spending thousands in one go. What if I say you that you can get really useful books at just really cheap prices? Like 2,000 Rs will fetch you more than 20 books and the books will be really wonderful! What about this offer? Well, this is not directly my offer – this is what you get when you visit Gandhi Maidan for the books – the old books!

What do you get at Gandhi Maidan old book market?

Bestselling literature: Once you start walking in the Gandhi Maidan old book market, you can stop by different book stalls and look for the corners where you can see the bestselling literature lying flat for your pick-up at really wonderful prices that will make you the happiest person if you really love the books you are buying! You will get the books and you will save the money as well. You can get Amitav Ghosh, Chetan Bhagat, Arvind Adiga, Jeet Thayil, Ravindra Singh (choice is yours – they sell all).

Meaningful Literature: What if I tell you that you can get a thousand rupees book at just a hundred? Well, that’s true! You can get that. Just look for the stands where there are many books and a seller who is willing to sell many pieces in one go. Pick your books and start the artful practice of negotiation and you will land a deal which you will not forget for your lifetime! Recently, I got a 1700 Rs book at just Rs 35; can you imagine? In the meaningful literature, you can get the books by Shakespeare, Dickens, Rushdie, Joyce, critical books, letters by famous authors, wonderful novels, the poetry collections and anything else which you deem meaningful.

Wonderful Books: Some interesting titles such as Chicken Soup for the Soul, World Religions: A Dialogue, 1000 more Questions and Answers, Is it Just Me or is Everything Shit?, and many others can be found tasting the dust and you can easily pick them up for the best possible prices from the shopkeeper or the bookkeeper.

Course Books: Well, there is nothing to say how famous is the Patna Old Book Market at Gandhi Maidan for the syllabus books – CBSE, ICSE, BSEB or even the colleges and universities syllabus, you can just take a walk and find your books with ease and at best prices.

This is Sunday, are you visiting the old book market today? And unlike Delhi’s Daryaganj Book Market, Gandhi Maidan’s market is alive and on all seven days! You can visit it anytime between 10-8. However, the best time will be afternoon where you can take your time and find a little lesser rush there. Best wishes for your book shopping, fellow book lover!

by Amit for LN